Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rain, Rain Go away!!!

I am thankful that my house and all my belongings are safe and drying out. My brother-in-law Steve did not fair as well.

Here is after a several hours of rain. Notice you can see the wall around the lights and flowers. The wall is about 3 bricks high.

You can no longer see the wall!!!!
His back yard
As most homeowners in Indy know, that not many own Flood insurance. Well even after the rain died down in Terre Haute, a levy also broke, so the water level continued to climb. Thankfully as of now the water level has stopped climbing and other than Steves garage, the inside of the house doesn't seem to have damage. Please pray that this is so....this is another thing in a long line for Steve. Because any damage will come out of his pocket unless FEMA would step in, Possibly!
Keep Steve in your prayers!! I am sure there are more of you out there that went thru the same thing as prayers go out to you.


Constance said...

That is so horrible. At least it didn't damage their house. We got alot of rain, but nothing like that.