Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wednesday cruise

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dixie Stampede!!

Great show and great food. The Nativity was wonderful!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Pantoon boat tour- the first house pictured here was called a "windex special" by our tour guide. Also during our ride we were apart of some kind of "retirement center" field trip.

Monday vacation pics

Below are pics of Monday's adventures, I had difficulties getting them to post in the last one.



Arabian Nights-

Ripleys Believe it or not

Late night snack!!! YUMMY!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Our vaction

Well 4:00 Saturday November 4, 2006 came early for us. After a rough night of sleep for me, my excited, and I do mean EXCITED husband got me out of bed and on the move. (That is not to say I was not excited, just tired)
Finally a little after 7:00 a.m. we were airborne. Jonathan was so excited about flying as was I, but it was his FIRST flight. The weather was great and very clear, so needless to say our camera was in overdrive. We had a short layover in Atlanta and then finally landed in Orlando at approx 10:50!!!! (And Jonathan had the nerve to ask if I wished that we had drove!!!) It was about 75 and very sunny and beautiful !!!!
One funny thing about this trip is, I am 25 and Jonathan is 24. No big deal right??? Well it was when it came to renting the car. I have to drive Jonathan around, because he is not 25 and we would have to pay a lot extra a day for him to drive. Those of you who know Jonathan, he was not made to be a passenger. We were able to borrow my brother-in-laws Navigation system… driving for me has not been to bad…..and Jonathan has been a great passenger. (Luv you honey, thanks for being patient!!!)
We really did little to nothing on Saturday, we went to the Bistro McDonalds !!! This place is awesome we got quesadillas and a chimchanga!!! (But after paying, we decided the $ Menu would be the route to go next time.) Also we got “roped “ into a 90 minute tour at one of the motels, but hey we will get THREE 2 night 3 day vacation. So we will see!!!
SUNDAY We actually woke up early (about 6:30), we were still excited. We had breakfast at the hotel. I enjoyed some time soaking my feet in the pool and reading my “scrapbook “magazine, watched a movie, took a nice nap and watched the COLTS beat NEW ENGLAND!!!!

MONDAY We started our day out with the tour of the time shares at Tiki villiage. It was ok, but agreed not to do it again
unless the gift was good. The last man we talked to really was putting on the pressure, and kind of rude. But we walked out of there with $80 and our vacation. Then we went to a museum called “Wonderworks”, kind of a big children’s museum of sorts. It was a lot of fun….we experienced a earthquake, hurricane, I laid on a bed of nails and pitched some balls to Sammy Sosa. We also went to the Titanic museum, a little boring but it was interesting. We got to feel some ice close to the temperature of what the water that the passengers would have been in. That night we went to “Arabian Nights” a great dinner theater. The show was great and so was the food. When we left we headed to “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”, a neat museum if your into the weird and unbelieveable. And we ended the night with a late night snack from the “Coldstone Creamery” And we both got delicious cones!!!
TUESDAY We went to downtown Orlando and rode a pantone boat, on a big lake and went thru some man made cannels, we saw several big, no strike that, huge houses. One of the houses used to be owned by the man that started “Walgreens Pharmacy” , another house had been rented my the movie actor “Tom Hanks”, They said it was one of his favorites. We also saw a few banana trees, lots of interesting birds. The weather was perfect for a boat ride, and Jonathan was loving being out on the water.
When we got back we went putt-putting, after all my bragging Jonathan stomped me in the ground. I think I was going for the high score, I must say I want to blame it on the rain that kept interrupting our playing. And we got to feed the alligators they had there. We fed them HOTDOGS!!!! It was really cool. Then we went to an arcade and go cart place and had some fun, but because of the rain where unable to ride the go carts, but did play a few games of air hockey. Once again Jonathan beat me. Dixie Stampede was our supper choice for the night. There Christmas show was awesome!!! The live nativity brought tears to my eyes. Then once again we enjoyed a wonderful delicious meal.
WEDNESDAY We had to drive a ways to get to the Majesty Starlight cruise that we went on. The driving is going ok, although its been a source of a few “frustrating moments” (on my part, and my attitude has needed adjusting, but thanks to a patient and forgiving husband we made it.) We were right near the Gulf, and surrounded by water. We boarded the big boat and headed out, It was so pretty and the weather was great, although I was very thankful that I took my fleece, because it was much needed due to the wind. We were unable to go out very far on the Gulf due to the winds, but it was still a lot of fun. We even got to see one of Hulk Hogan's houses. We took so many pictures, and I will not enclose all the pictures, but Jonathan got carried away with bird pictures. J We enjoyed putt-putting again when we returned and once again I lost badly. We headed to “Downtown Disney” for the evening. One of the stores had half of a wall full of SCRAPBOOK stuff. I was good and didn't buy any of it, to much $$$. We ate dinner at the “Rain Forest” cafĂ©, by the time we ate it was pretty dark outside and we ate on the porch right by the water. I about froze, and our wallet felt the cost of our dinner. But it is Vacation!!! We went putt-putting again, 3rd times a charm right??? Nope, lost again.
THURSDAY The big day!!!! Headed to “Magic Kingdom” To me it was, just like the commercials. I felt like a little girl, when I rounded the corner and saw the “Castle” for the first time. It was a magical, exciting feeling. The place was packed, Jonathan and I couldn’t believe how many kids where there. Was school not in session????? Well the rides were great and the parade was really cool. We wore matching Colts shirts and we got so many comments on them. It was kind of fun, to be promoting our HOME team. The whole day was just great.
FRIDAY Sad day, we leave today. We went shopping at “Downtown Disney” we had fun shopping, but got bored and where “roasting hotdogs”!!! (It was about 89 degrees!!!) So we went ahead and headed to the airport, got checked in and just sat around FOREVER!!!!!! Finally we boarded, it was late and totally dark when we took off. The city looked great all lit up. We fianally got home to good ol’ Indy about 11:20 and we were dead tired. But the vacation was wonderful!!!!!