Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My happily ever after!!!!

It was Feb 21, 2oo3.....I woke up early. It was a cool, crisp winter morning. The ground was covered with patches of snow. This day was different from any other morning. I had butterflies in my stomache as I dressed. And everytime I glanced at myself in the mirror I couldn't help but bursting into a smile. This was my WEDDING DAY!!!!!! Out in the yard was a large sign that my dad had put up that said "My little angle is getting married today!!!"
I headed with my bridesmaids down to a little cafe and as we sipped on hot chocolate and munched on muffins we talked and giggled about all the memories. After that we headed to Kroger and picked up the baby's breath for my flowergirls hair and a few snacks. Then off to the reception site...we walked in and it was beautiful. The tables were set up with white tableclothes, and balloons, with floating candle centerpieces, with mirrors set just so the light from the candle would reflect a romantic glow. Chocolate kisses were set in a circle just waiting for the guest to indulge themselves. The cake was erected as I stood watch. A beautiful white cake with wreaths of white icing roses laid across the top and a fountain surrounded by lavender roses stood in the middle. My cousines and I helped finsh the white bags that contained little tea lights which would soon be placed along the side walk a few hours later. I was getting more excited as I headed to the church.
Back in my little dressing room I nervously began to ready myself for the next few hours that would change every part of my existing life. Emotional would be an understatement of how I felt. My best friend who was also my maid of honor began the task of getting my hair ready. As I sat looking at myself I thought soon I am going to be able to see clearly the end of a dream I had many times in my life. The grooms face at the end of the aisle. I became anxious as I stepped into my total dream dress. My mother helped me into the slimming sleeves that poofed at the shoulders, And slowly zipped up my dress. I looked down at the front of beautiful yet delicate pearl designed front. As my mom adjusted my pearl tiara, fluffed the veil and finally smoothed down my close to 10 ft train where roses trailed down the back. I felt like a princess waiting for her prince charming. When my dad first saw me he choked back tears. I couldn't wait until I was to see my to be husband!!!! Finally I was already for pictures, I waited nervously at the front of the church. Finally I saw him....my best friend, my boyfriend, my soon-to-be, my Groom. He looked so good. He stood at the edge of the plateform and whispered, "you look so beautiful" We had our few private moments where we exchanged Bibles and some private words. Then we were whisked off into a tirade of pictures.
Finally, I was behinde closed doors with my bridesmaids. I kept tearing up, the fact that I soon would be walking out to a church completely full of approx 4oo family and friends was scary and thrilling. My dream day was slowly unfolding. The first strains of "Forever In Love" began and slowly my bridesmaids left the room. Then the first verse of "Butterfly kisses" began and slowly my cute little cousines made their way down the aisle. Then my flower girl began her trek down the aisle, dropping the rose petals. (some of which were given to me during my dating years from my lovely groom Jonathan) The doors where quickly shut as the song continued, dad and I took our places behinde those doors. A special moment was when my brothers, just before they opened the doors, both leaned forward and whipered, "I love you sis" and kissed my cheek. So the refrain was sang,"She'll change her name today...." At that moment they opened the door to reveal myself and dad. The feeling of excitement that swept over me...was beyond anything I could describe. Tears filled my eyes as they swept over the crowd and noticed many loved ones. (I learned later the little boy, I took care of, as soon as he laid eyes on me told his mom," A Pin-cess, mommy") And finally laying my eyes on Jonathan and knowing in a moment my hand would be in the one that I will spend the rest of my life with. The moment came quickly and soon I was side by side with my best friend. My voice began strong and cracked with emotion as I began, " I Janella take thee Jonathan to be my lawfully wedded Husband!" The realazation of those words as they were being spoken can only be understood, in it's fullnes , by one that has stood in the same place and looked into the eyes of a soon to be lover and said it to them with the same passion!!!! (Regi, your moment is coming) Probably the most revrent moment of all was when we joined hands and bowed our heads and our hearts and talked to the 3rd person of our marriage!!!! God's presence was felt and I was humbled that He choose to show himself at our wedding, but what a perfect and right way to start a marriage. Finally I heard the words "Mr and Mrs Jonathan Thompson" THRILL ran thru every part of me. And then the tender kiss, that was quite short due to the fact of my shy husband!!!!
Thus began the start of my Happily ever after!!!!! I have had many adventures, some of which I will share in the future. One was just last April, as we stood watching 2 of our friends pledge their lives to each other. I looked across at my husband of 3 years and saw so much love radiating from his eyes and I knew once again that God had given me the best man possible. I love you Sweetheart with every fiber of my being and I want to grow old with you, I am blessed that God has allowed our lives to be shared!!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I said "YES"

The year is 2001 and I was walking out of the Smith mermorial building with my friend Jill, when I saw 2 of my good friends Jonathan and Andy. We talked for awhile and the topic of the up coming Valentines banquet came up. I found that Jonathan was opting to work that night instead of attending. As I started to walk away as the conversation was ending I called him a party popper and tossed the comment over my shoulder, "you should come and just be my date" ( I know your thinking "Flirt" or "your bold" I know, I get it from my wonderful daddy) I ment it in a very innocent way, just to get under his skin and make him want to come. I was as far away from serious as could be. But as I headed towards the dorm my friend said, "Where you serious?" I said "NO!!! Why did I sound that way???" Little did I know the same conversation was going on between Andy and Jonathan. I worried my head off that he would think I was such a big flirt!!! At this point I didn't really like him as anything more then a dear friend. Although he was a boy, and single and quite good looking!!!! When He stopped me in the hall a few days later I already knew what he was going to ask. "Where you serious the other night?" I quickly answered "No, I am sorry I was such a flirt. But I still want you to go to the banquet. Everyone is going and you will miss out on so much fun." Jonthan then turned and said, "Well are you going with any one??" I said "no" At this point my heart was pounding so hard. He then proceeded to ask me to be his date. I have to say the next few days I was a happier girl. Finally Feb 8, 2001 came I was met by a very handsome man dressed in a black suit with a red and black silk tie. I had a silver skirt and red sweater with a black and red rose scarf tied at the neck. My hands were shaking so bad when I went to pin on his flower. Jonathan being the tease he is yelped "ouch!!" I fell for it!! It was a beautiful date. I had a wonderful time. At the end of the lovely evening my wonderful date expressed that he wanted to see me again. I told him I wanted time to think. So I did, but in the mean time we spent alot of time togather. On Valenties day I got a yellow rose delivered to me, from my wonderful friend. Then when I went to my room I found another small gift. THen after church that night Jonathan and several friends went to Steak-n-Shake, he took me out to his car and gave me a Kim Anderson figurine that I had wanted for a long time. Finally after many nights laying in bed thinking about our friendship and wondering what it could mean and what it could become, I came to the relazation that Jonathan was in my thoughts alot and that I was beginning to think of him as more then a friend. So Feb 24, we headed downtown for our first date. I was so chatty to the point that Jonathan finally stopped me and said, "Are you nervous?" I WAS. We ate at the mall food court and went shopping a little then we headed down town and walked around the circle. It was there we shared our first kiss. Sweet and innocent is how I would describe it. That date began a life long journey of fun, love, friendship and a relationship beyond my wildest dreams. Finally Oct 6, off the beaten path in a little park that we called "Ours" Jonathan asked me to be his wife. I was thrilled. With tears in my eyes I said yes. (MORE TO COME!!!)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Unexpected meeting or God Ordained event?

I was headed towards the court house about my normal afternnoon courtrun and rounded the corner onto Market St. There was a young very pregnant girl staring at me with her big brown eyes. I was trying to kind of avoid her eyes due to the many people asking for spare change to make the bus to see their little girl whom they have not seen for 2 years and is dying from cancer. Well she stopped me and said, "I think I know you, did you used to go to a church in Noblesville?" "Ashley??" I said. ( Let's rewinde about 6 years.)

At a house somewhere in Noblesville was a young girl about 13 years old. We stopped and went up the creaky stairs and met a slightly disheveled man whose eyes showed he had seen alot in his life time. It was then I fist met Ashley. She was a spunky, vibrent young girl who during our time together had made her way into Juvinial detention a few times. She really had a good heart but couldn't seem to put that in front of her fists. She was lacking a mother in her life. Her mother had just died shortly before we met her. We soon, as many Jr. Chruch kids, lost contact of her.

(Flash back to present) Yes, I am Ashley!!! I couldn't believe I remembered her. Neither could she. After a big hug and a how are you, she stepped back and grinned and pointed to her extended belly. I asked her how far along she was, she said she had about 5 weeks to go. Then I met her "baby's daddy", lets just say I didn't trust him. That night I couldn't help but wonder about the reason behinde why I had run into Ashley. Did God have something behinde this???

The next few weeks I saw Ashley at her favorite hang out place, "Starbucks"!! She rearely bought anything, just hung out at the table out in front. No job and I soon found out, no place to live, just getting money from whereever and staying the night at hotels. My heart went out to this girl, yet I was angry at the same time that she didn't seem to be doing anything about this baby!!! I fianlly got a little gift togather for this "little boy". A cute little blue hoodie with animals on the front. Finally I heard some sane coments coming out of her mouth, she was going to be giving temporary custody of the baby to a women she knew at the time of birth, until she could get on her feet emtionally and financially. Then would be taking the baby back.
Time was getting closer to the baby's date, and then it was past due. Ashley was really feeling tired and the baby was moving all around but just not dropping like she would like for it too. Finally Aug 31, I was walking by Starbucks, and Ashley came rushing out the door with a little bundle in her arms. As soon as I saw the baby I said, "He is beautiful!!!" Ashley laughed and said, "Well, he turned out to be a SHE!!!" And she was, little "Nevaeh Grace" (that is Heaven spelled backwards) was a little piece of Heaven, born Aug 27, 8lb 5oz. (I think) My heart, that is suppossed to be happy at the site of a baby, was so heavy!!! This new mommy, who was at the time living in a shelter for the next 30 days, had no plan and no money. (She had decided to forgo the whole custody thing) I wanted to take the baby and run and give her shelter and a consistent life. And my heart went out to Ashley, this new mommy that held the responsibilty of a new humane beings life and destiny in her hands. I have been praying daily that God will keep this precious little girl safe and healthy. To overshadow her with His angels!!! And that God will show Ashley back to His loving arms. You know I have been tossing it over and over in my head, WHY ME??? Why have I been brought into this young mother and little girls life??? I may never know, but if it is only to pray for this little girl, then I must not fail. Even as I write this I feel the great burden and responsibilty for this little girl and mother. I haven't seen her since that day, but I have to trust that Our God is big enough to take care of this little girl, Maybe you can help me pray!!!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

101 Things that make me smile

1. My husbands smile
2. Salvation
3. Spending time with my family
4. Talking with my friends.
5. Scrapbooking
6. Taking pictures
7. Dove chocolate
8. My husbands laughter
9. My mom telling knock knock jokes
10. A clear star filled sky
11. Oversized hoodies
12. A tree's leaves changing colors.
13. Cookie dough
14. The sight of a new born baby.
15. Hot air balloons
16. The smell of burning leaves.
17. New sheets on a bed.
18. Freshly mowed grass
19. Ripe strawberries
20. Crunchwrap supreme
21. Watching "24"
22. Seeing children play togather
23. Fireplaces
24. S'mores
25. Watching people laugh
26. Puppies
27. The smell of freshly baked cookies
28. Rollar coasters
29. Porch swings
30. Childrens laughter
31. Personal mail
32. Sunset
33. Sunrise
34. Strawberry-n-Cream Frappachinos
35. Stickers
36. Roses
37. Getting a card from my husband
38. Birthdays
39. Pepto-Bismal commercials
40. A good volleyball game
41. Campmeeting
42. Singing in a choir
43. Acting
44. Being able to take vitals accurately
45. Blowing bubbles
46. Bike riding
47. Telling stories to kids
48. Making crafts
49. playing with play-doh
50. Cotton Candy
51. State Fairs
52. Getting a hard run on the violin
53. Phone calls to my mom
54. A clean house
55. People dressed up for Prom
56. Grilled hamburgers
57. A new outfit
58. The tilt-a-whirl ride
59. Beating my husband in air hockey (not a often occurance)
60. My dad being silly
61. My little nephew
62. Watching a flower getting ready to bloom
63. Winter clothes
64. The first snow
65. The Christmas tree down town
66. Seeing a nativity
67. Seeing a saint of God get blessed
68. Thinking of my Grandparents enjoying Heaven
69. Daydreaming of my future children
70. Iceskating
71. Losing 10lbs :)
72. Sunday mornings.
73. Being able to pick out a particular instrument in a piece of music.
74. A soft gentle rain
75. New shoes
76. Mt.Dew
77. Hot pretzels
78. Taco Bell
79. A mountain side in the Fall
80. Gatlinburg
81. Family vacations. (past and present)
82. Febreeze
83. A gentle breeze on a spring day
84. Butterflys
85. My mother in laws homemade bread
86. My mom's crescent rolls
87. Growing old with my Hubby
88. Easter Morning. (He is risen INDEED!!!)
89. How lucky I am to be married to such an incredible man
90. Weddings
91. The ocean
92. Watching movies
93. Getting a nugget of truth out of God's word
94. A good book
95. Forgivness
96. "Old Glory" flying in the breeze
97. Seeing an old couple holding hands.
98. Seeing an old friend
99. Baby animals
100. Looking at pictures

I know this post was unusual and rather lengthy, but I was walking around yesterday and began to think of all my blessings and things that made me happy or smile. I am so blessed. So these are just a few of my thoughts.