Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

Ahh, my Favorite time of the year. Fall!!! (and with that comes Thanksgiving!) I love getting togather with my family on Thanksgiving and just enjoying being togather and playing games, talking and eating! What could get better? (Just for future reference... I do love Christmas to just enjoy the fall WEATHER better. Although you would'nt know this year. With it being like 30 degrees.)

At the Collingsworth side no Thanksgiving meal is complete without PUMPKIN ROLL! Just ask my cousine Ally. She loves it. I do to but every fall I am sick of making them. ( This year I sold several, and I made over $40!!!)

I was just wondering, all you Bengals this allowed???? Or is it being a TRAITOR? That is ok she knows GOOD when she sees it!!!!

Mad Gab is becoming a fun game for we Lavy, Hilligoss, Baker and Thompson families.

Due to the foul weather we opted for a Ping-Pong turnament. Uncle Lowell ended as the winner.

Another tradition with Jonathan and I is we enjoy going downtown Indy the day after Thanksgiving for the biggest tree lighting. The show is usually really good. We get downtown about 4 and the pre show starts at about 6 and the TV show starts at 7. With the lighting about 7:45. It get packed....from the circle to about 2 blocks back. We are usually right up near the stage. This year Brandon went with us. We all were triple to six layers or more. Jonathan had about 6 layers on the top and about 3 layers of pants. But hey we were warm. Sandi Pattie was there this year. But over all we were dissappointed at the show. It was unusually disorganized. And Sandi Pattie only sang 2 songs and both were with other people. But the crowd was festive and the mood was jolly. So beyond freezing our rearends off...we had fun.

Today we got up and went shopping we got several things. (yes I got several things to support my scrapbooking habits.) I also got some new much need Sketcher shoes. Since my other ones were cheap and litteraly fell apart on my feet! I also got some new sheets for our bed from Macy's...I am excited to put them on. I love Crisp, clean new sheets. We also started to put up our Christmas decorations. I am sitting in the living room surrounded with bags and containers of Christmas decor and a half decorated tree. (Not to mention I need to go to bed.) But today has been a great day. This weekend has been AWSOME!!!!

I have to share a tender romantic moment in my weekend. Jonathan and I have to buy our gifts for Jonathans side of the family. See...we buy the gifts...give them to them....and they give us the money....they wrap them for Christmas and give them back to us. Weird I know...but we get what we want. So I really am beginning to like it. Well, I really wanted a new watch...since my engagment watch is kind of broke. I found one on sale at Kohls. We bought it and Jonathan was going to give it to his grandparent to give to me, but I told Jonathan I would like for that to be from him. Tonight beside our half way decorated but lit christmas tree...with the rest of the lights dimmed in our living room. He told me he needed to tell me something before we started our Christmas movie. He held me and said, "I love you Janella" Then he got down on one knee and asked me to Marry him agian. Needless to say I was in tears. (mainly because when we got the watch I had hoped when he gave it to me that He would ask me to marry him again. But I wanted it to be his idea not mine.) He just made my weekend. I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

What is wrong with this pic?

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A few more pics from the dunes

Ok I know these are a few weeks old...but I have been having fun playing with them. I also just got a photoshop on my computer and haven't got it quite figured out. I fixed these on Picasa. Which those of you that like to mess with your pics on the computer you should check out Picasa. It is a free download to your computer. I really enjoy it. And a computer dummy like me can figure it out. Now I just got to find out how to work Adobe easy feat for me.
I hope here soon to have some more updated topics and pictures. But until then enjoy! And have a blessed weekend. I am going Christmas shopping!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!
By the way Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for you kind comments. We had fun taking these pictures and after playing with some of them I am going too still have a hard time choosing the ones to put up in my house. Oh well most of them will probably find there way into my scrapbook.

OH, LA la Kissy face!!!!
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