Friday, February 29, 2008

This weeks menu

I am stealing an idea from Tamera C. She has posted what she is making for the weekd meals. I might surf around and see if you all pick up on the idea and maybe we can exchange some recepies.

Sunday: BBQ baked pork chops, Baked potatoes, green beans and sausage fruit salad. Brownies and cream cheese icing .

Monday: Turkey chili and maybe breadsticks.

Tuesday: Left over porkchops, parmesan baked potatoes and corn

Wednesday: Maybe Dennys (buy one get one free burgers...I've been getting the Boca burger when we go out. It is really good!!!!) Or either leftovers.

Thursday: Left over chili

Friday: Meatball sandwiches, chips and raw carrots

Saturday: out to eat

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jonny's revenge and my anniversary

Ok, this little boy may have stolen my heart (and yes he may be a chick magnent) but I promise I am going to get him back for what he did to me, when he gets older. We were sitting in Denny's (Wed. after church) and I was holding Jonny and I smelled something sour...I realized it was his breath. ( I didn't realize that formula could smell so awful) I looked at him and said, "boy buddy your breath stinks" I put my nose closer to his mouth when suddenly "B-U-R-P!!!!!" Right in my face!!!! Boy did it really stink then. I dont think Caroline had laughed so long or hard. And all Jonathan Robbins could say was, "That is what you get for telling MY SON he has stinky breath."
On our anniversary Jonathan was suppossed to work, but I had scheduled it off so Caroline and I could go scrapbooking at Archievers. We not long before Caroline and I headed out Jonathan came back home and decided to just go with Jonathan Robbins to Ohio to drop off some of their furniture at Jonathan R. brother house. Caroline and I had lunch at Taco Bell and then went on to the store. You should have seen we girls draging all of our stuff and baby in tow into the store. Both of our arms were hurting by the time we got in. Or at least mine were. We both got several pages done. When we headed back home it had begin to snow and ice really bad. When we pulled into my drive way I saw I had a Flower box on the porch delievered via UPS!!!! I was so anxious to get into the house and open the box. Inside was 2 doz beautiful roses in 5 different colores! (this was speical because I had told Jonathan a long while back that whenever he got me roses next I wanted all different colors!!! I was shocked that he remembered! Thank you honey it totaly made my day.)

Then for him I got him tennis shoes and made him sausage noodle casserole, corn and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. (some of his favorites.) A funny thing behinde the carrot cake. I had shredded the carrots and just needed to put in the flour...well I was on the phone with my cousine Regi and "finished my cake" and put it in the oven. Well about 15 min later I thought I smelled burning. I opened the oven and my cake was bubbling. I FORGOT THE FLOUR!!!!! How do you forget to put flour in a cake???? I had to pour the whole cake out and start over. This was at about 11 pm. So I didnt get to bed till about 1. ( I had wanted to get up really early and go to Boydens Bakery and get him his favorite Donughts, that you have to get there really early to around 6 or little after. I was to exhausted so I didn't go.)
So there you have it my 5 year anniversary day....all wrapped up with alot of fun!!! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

a very blessed 5 years

5 years ago today I was a nervous, anxious bride!!! I don't know that I ever dreamed that married life would hold so much excitement, cherished memories, dark valleys, moments of true bliss, silly moments, moments of God truly pouring his blessings on us.
Thank you Jonathan for being such a wonderful Husband. I truly believe God handpicked you for me. I feel we complement each other well! My weakness' are normally your stong points, your weakness' are your strong points. We have had 5 wonderful years...I pray we have many more wonderful years.

Jonathan was able to see and wave to President Bush when his motorcade came to Indy.
2 Bathrooms are a must for us, it amazing how we both need to go at the same time.
(in our old house we use to race for the bathroom when we got up in the morning or whenever we got home.)
Asking him to many times to do something doesn't always mean that it will get done.
I am more forgetful now than I was before we got married.
Jonathan was able to go to one COLTS game. (truly a highlight for him, since He loves the Colts)
We joined "Central Weslyan Church"
SHOCK!!!! We are both on the board...Me as Secretary...Jonathan as a trustee
I had never been to Chicago before we got married and since than I have been to Chicago 3 or 4 times.
We were able to go back to Florida as a second Honeymoon Nov. 2006
We enjoy walks on the canal
We became friends with Jonathan and Caroline and have had many adventures with them
We have had a few winter "getaways" Sybris....and Gatlinburg with Regi and Jay.
One day we will have Kids...Jonathan is not as anti-kid as you think. You should see him with little Jonny Jr. Robbins.
HERE'S to many more adventures

I love you!!!! 14344342!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

TO my sweet sister-n-law

This a special blog out to my sister-in-law Tasha. Love ya girl!!!! I hope with time that you and I can grow into a strong family relationship that will last. Just know that I will try to be here for you the best I can. Keep you funny personality...and we will always get along.

my weekend

This weekend was eventful. I came home Friday and Steve and Devan were at our house. We headed out to Longhorn. Jonathan and I split a Fried Chicken salad and a hamburger. It was really good. And than Steve ordered "fried strawberry cheesecake" And we had 4 spoons.
The rest of the night we spent Devan and I on the couch playing...Super Mario..Aladdin.. and a Spiderman fighting game...with me watch a movie and helping Devan. He really cuddled up to me as the evening got later and I really loved it.

After going to bed at 1 a.m. I had to get up and be to work by 8. ( just to work 4 hours) Well I was pulling out and saw that Steves window was down in his car. I got out to go see inside the car and when I did I saw all kinds of glass and his GPS was gone. That did'nt make for a very good start to his day. He was able to get the window fixed and insurance will cover it. BUT not his GPS. Amazingly enough his cell phone was not taken nor Devans DVD player, his Leapfrog, and a little cash and checkbook in the glove box. couldve been worse.

We ate lunch at Don Pablos but not before I got to shop at Micheals and get some stickers for some pictures that I am going to try and scrapbook this Thursday when Caroline and I go scrapbooking.

Sunday morning I was thrilled to death when my Jr. church kids, all 4 of them, 3 said their scripture verse!!!! "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Ps 34:8a" Then we ate lunch with the in-laws. Which was some wonderful BBQ pork, corn, green beans, mac-n-cheese, fruit salad, and her wonderful bread. For dessert was "carmel pull apart rolls" All of it was delicious. Then we settled down for a "short holiness nap" At least I did. Devan kept the rest of them awake.

Thus ended

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To my dear sweet Valentine!!!

Of all things that my husband beats me at....blogging an Valentine was not something I figured he would be me at. But if you click the link on my blog to go to his you will see he beat me to it.
But baby, I still love you so much and these last 8 Valentines day have been just wonderful. I am so glad that God saw fit to allow our lives to cross and become each others Valentine.
I love you!!!!!
Here was our first Valentines day "Togather" at Steak n Shake with friends. We were actually just friends but had our first date just 10 days later and became an official couple.

URAQT!!!!!!! (LOL)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Events of our life...better late than never

Better late then never...Here is the Little man on the night of his big baby shower Jan 27. I just love his little suit. (note the hankie in his pocket, and you can't see it in this picture but he does have a tie. Also I love the pin striped pants.) He is a little heart breaker.

Here he is with the oldest person in our church...Esther Richardson. The youngest and the oldest in the church.
Here he is smiling....or maybe he is just passing gas. Probably just gas knowing him. He is a pretty tooting little baby. So cute at times...but he doesn't think so when his little tummy just hurts him from it.
The Party Animal is just all tuckered out. (and yours truly put him to sleep) I will say after this picture...I helped change him into pjs and a dry diaper and boy did he scream and cry. Mommy had to cuddle him back to sleep. (note the beautiful hand crocheted blanket a shower gift from "my Jonathan's" aunt Carylon. I am excited she has promised me one whenever we decide too have one.)
Jan 31 we went and picked up The crew about 10 a.m we headed to a new pancake restraunt for brunch. It was delicious. We all got chocolate chip pancakes and My hubby got this HUGE apple pancake. (no pic sorry) We just hung out went shopping and had fun. Jonny was pretty good. Just fussy at night due to gassy tummy.
Caroline and I splurged and got a foot massage thing from Bath-n-Body. And we did face masks. Our husbands made fun of us....but boy did we feel pampered when we were done.

This was the time they left our house. Friday morning at about 6:30 or closer to 7:00. Lets just say Friday didn't really exist for any of us. Well Maybe Jonny. He slept and ate and messed his diaper...burped all over...slept and ate and pooped again. Lets just say I got some Mommy 101. Not to bad but realized those times between go by really fast and if I was trying to sleep. It would seem like just minutes. I just love that little boy and hope one day soon I will have my own child. But that is for another time. Jonathan always teases that it will be in the next 20 years. But has warmed to the whole baby thing since little Jonny has ben born. So we will see.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Need your help

As most of you know I am a part of a teen girls ministry called Outlook Makeover. We are trying to Start a new fundraiser and we need your help.

We are makeing a cookbook...and we need your recepies. Please send your favorites to including your and state. We will try to include as many as we can. I would greatly appreciate it.

Also check out our website Our 2nd retreat is at the end of March...please send your girls our let me know if your church would like info....but mostly we covet your prayers. God met with us in such a real way last year and we are trusting Him thru prayer that He will meet with us once again. Let me know if you have questions and I will be glad to help you.