Friday, January 08, 2010

Our First Christmas!

(Ok, I really do like to blog...I just don't really have the time. I am hoping that soon I will have more time to do it, but as long as you keep checking back about every 2 months I might have a new post. I would have more pictures but this crazy computer is not letting me load anymore for some reason)

Here are some pictures of Our First Family Christmas....we had it Dec 26...and ended up waiting till the eveing due to the fact we had spent the night at my mom and dad's Dec 25, got up early and went to the store to pick up some final the time we got home and got Katelynn lunch and got our food for our Christmas ready....we were all pooped. So Jon took a nap and Katelynn and I crashed in the recliner for a 2 hr nap! Boy, I knew you were tired when you were a parent...but Christmas really did us in!
FINALLY about 4:00 or so we began our Christmas!
So Excited about Christmas! (with her favorite toy Miss. Posey)
Let's get to the gifts Mama!

Ok dad , how do we get mom to quit taking pictures and get to the gifts?

YEA!!! I love stockings!
(we happened to find alot of stuff at "Micheal's" Craft store for like 60 cents)

Her main gift...she loved it! And really didn't play with the box to much either!

Her 2nd big gift!
(we were so excited to be able to get her 2 big gifts and a couple of small ones due to great coupons from "Buy Buy Baby" Great store! We like the set up a little better than Baby's R Us. And some Black Friday online specials)

Enjoying her new toy!

Eating Puffs for the first time.
(for those who don't know they are the softer, melt-in-your mouth cherrios for babies and toddlers.)

Please don't pay attention to me...I look horrible...but after our routine Sunday afternoon nap in the recliner, Katelynn woke up with this Beautiful hair-do! (I didn't help it along at all, I promise)

Such a big girl, trying to drink out of her new sippy cup.