Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Growing, Growing!!!!!

4 weeks
9 weeks

just shy of 19 weeks

20 weeks ( and yes I was sick that day...hence the bowl)

22 weeks

Over all I have done well with this pregnancy. I have not really thrown up at all other than when I had the Stomach flu at about 20 weeks. I also lost several ponunds at the beginning...and I am just now gaining it back. So I haven't REALLY gained any weight yet. (I am hoping that I won't get HUGE!!!!) I have still stayed queasy on and off. So I have a feeling it's going to hang around the whole time. Katelynn is becoming quite active and loves to do flip flops. She is getting more active and more times of the day now too. Jonathan has NOT felt her kick yet...and it may be a little while, due to the fact that my placenta is in the front instead of at the top like it should be. They say that is should move...and if it doesn't it will just mean a C-section for me. I go for another ultrasound in March.
Another thing I am finding out is people love to give all kinds of "NICE" advice. I appreciate tips and info...don't get me wrong. But A nice women told me that I needed to be careful about crossing my legs and ankles. Because some family member of her's didn't follow that info and when the baby was born the cord was wrapped around its throat and the baby died! I wanted to say, "and this is supposed to help me HOW!!!!!" She kind of freaked me out. So I talked to the doctor and he said, "No worries just do what is comfortable for you."
I had been having alot of dreams awhile back. Pretty wacky ones too!!! Like one , that a girl fire breathing dragon had Jonathan and I trapped in a trailer....and she had a crush on Jonathan and kept trying to look thru the windows at him and wanted me out of the way...but then the dragon turned into my nephew Devan! CRAZY!!!! For now the dreams have subsided, but we will see if they come back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Grandpa...I hope your enjoying heaven

Here are some pictures of Grandpa....I am hoping to have some memories to write out later.
Playing Cornhole June 2008
Fathers day weekend-June 2008

Father and son

Fathers day gift

Singing "Little Boy in the Carpenter Shop"

Grandparents with Grandaughter and Grandson

Jack and Jack

All the Grandkids (15 pictured here but we were minus a few and one that is in Heaven)

2008 Christmas

2007 Christmas

Singing at Christmas 2007

Rachel being goofy with Grandma 2007

Christmas 2003

My cousin Danny and his wife Tasha's wedding

Sheltered in the arms of God

"I'll Fall asleep...and wake in God's new Heaven...for I'm sheltered safe within the arms of God."
This morning at about 2:20 am Grandpa Hilligoss went to be with Jesus. He had been diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago and was able to get thru the holidays with his family. In Jan he got sicker and was put in the hospital. After seeing much of his family, many prayers going up and doctors trying to help him....God had other plans and decided to take him on with Him. It is a bittersweet feeling, I must confess. I will be posting again and giving some memories. But for now please pray for the family as they go thru the process of preparing for the funeral. Please remember my grandma it has been a long 2 weeks for her and she needs strength to get thru these next few days.
The veiwing is in Anderson, Ind on Wednesday night.
and the funeral Thursday morning.
(not sure all the details)

Thanks for you prayers.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our night wih Jonny Jr.

Well, the night started off ok. Other than I had some kind of stomache flue and felt pretty bad. When he got there he and I played around for awhile. Then we sat at the piano and he banged around on it while I sang. Then he would try to change the page on the hymnal....then go back to banging on the key. It was pretty cute.
When Jonathan got home, Jonny got a little scared of him...and he was a bit fussy due to being hungrey. So we got ready and headed to McD's. Jonny ate pretty well. He loved dipping his fries in Jonathans Honey Mustard sauce. We had to learn that we couldn't just let him keep stuffing his mouth full...because he might get choked. After a bit of shopping we knew we needed to get him home and to bed, because he was really tired and fussy. So we got him a warm bath and lots of bubbles. It was really fun until I got really sick, so I pulled the plug on the tub (which only had water to his belly button) and yelled for Jonathan while I went into our adjoining bathroom and got sick. ONLY thing Jonathan didn't hear me...but he still walked into the bathroom and poor Jonny was crying and shaking from being cold. I felt awful...but also learned that being a "Mom" doesn't stop even when your sick. Thankfully I never ran a fever, but I tried not to hover on him, just so I didn't make him sick.

After his night bottle Jonathan helped get him to sleep. Actually Jonny kept crying when I was trying to help becuase he wanted me. But when he couldn't see me, he would calm down for Jonathan. So I laid down in the bed while Jonathan put him on a pallet on the floor and rubbed his back and he went right to sleep. I think Jonathan was pretty proud of himself..and I was too. Then in the middle of the night I leaned over Jonathan to check on Jonny...and he was GONE!!! I bumped Jonathan and said, "did you move Baby Jonny?" He was like "no" I freaked out! I jumped out of bed and stumbled around the bed a bit in a panic. I kept looking at the empty pallet and could not see him, then noticed that he had rolled off the pallet and was half way under our bed!!! My heart finally stopped beating so hard and I picked him back up and put him on the pallet and he bearly stirred!!! But it took me awhile to calm down.
The next morning we got him up about 9. He had slept so well and he was pretty quiet in the morning...but he didn't cry that much as long as he could see me

Jonny playing with Jonathan

YUMMY OATMEAL!!!! Jonathan getting in practice.

After awhile he got bored with eating and tried to feed Jonathan part of his muffin.

Last of my Christmas: Christmas with the in-laws

My mother in law's Sugar cookies
Julie and Carolyn
Once again the bibs were a hit

We took our own family pictures

FINALLY Last but not least: I wanted you to know that I got a new toy!!! Right before Christmas Jonathan gave me a new Camera. He could not keep it a secret and told me that I was getting it before it arrived in the mail via UPS. I am having alot of fun with it and learning how to use it. I am also hoping that it will take alot of great pictures of our Little Girl.

Friday, January 09, 2009

IT"S A>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well, this moring I got up and was so excited and SO SICK at my stomache. Anyone who knows me well knows my nerves get all in a bundle when I am upset or excited. Mom finally got there and before I knew it I was laying at a table and looking at a screen with lots of gray on it and warm GOOP on my stoamche. After the nurse pointed out some things of the baby and holding back the tears on seeing my baby for the 1st time. She said "Its a GIRL!!!!!!" I wanted to scream and shout and cry. I had felt deep down that it is a girl but assumed that I was wrong because LOT of people were saying BOY. But this Mommy was right.

Daddy is still at work and I had to come home early from work due to being so sick. I am now waiting on little Jonny to get here. And we are going to go to McD's to get supper and Taco Bell for me....and then to Wal-mart to get a plug for our tub, So i can give him a bath later. I am really hoping I don't make him sick....and I hope I can get thru the night and be able to have fun....and not be so sick.

But for now My Baby Girl and I are going to be anxious till daddy gets home...so we can watch the dvd togather and see her again.

IN OTHER NEWS: Grandpa is doing better and was able to have the fluid drawn off his lung. And per the doctor will be on breathing machine 2 more days...and then may get to go home. The doctor thinks he may have beat it this time. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Update on Grandpa and Baby update

Just a quick update...Grandpa is doing about the same. He is very swollen today due to the fluid build up in his lungs. They are hoping that if he is stable tomorrow to be able to pull some of the fluid off. The doctor is thinking now that it is not pneumonia, but it is the cancer moving into his good lung. So only time will tell. And only God knows how long we have left. I appreciate your prayers and thoughts and messages. I was listening to a song my aunt was playing on the piano today..."For I am sheltered in the Arms of God" I truly hope Grandpa is feeling the sheltering from the Almighty today. I believe he is ready to go to Heaven....and I know he would love to go...but He also loves life and his family. But that song today just really meant alot to me.

IN OTHER GOOD NEWS.......I go to the doc tomrrow and hope to find out what this little "package" is!!!! We are very anxious! I would love to hear your guesses. SO far BOYS are winning in the guesses I have heard.

Here are some Stats to base your decison on:

I have continued to be queasy, even though it is better than it was

Sweets make me queasy more than anything...even though I still try to eat them

I LOVE lots of salads and pinapple and oranges. Lots of leafy greens and tomatoes and pickles on my sandwich.

I have been sleeping about the same, don't get tired till late...but would love an afternnon nap!!!

I am more short of breath than normal.

From feelings I think I am carrying low...but how am I to know I have never been pregnant before?????

My hair is geting thicker and is more silky.

Maybe you "OLD WIVES TALES" followers will have some guesses and I hope to post tomorrow evening what we are having.

ALSO, Jonathan and I get to practice tomorrow night on being parents. Jonathan and Caroline are going snow tubing and are leaving baby Jonny with us!!! OVERNITE!!!! I am so excited and so is Jonathan. Jonny is 1 and is walking now. So we are going to have a ball. I will have pictures of our evening!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Update on Grandpa

A quick update.....Grandpa is sleeping. They have turned up his oxygen pressure. But the nurses are happy with his vitals....even though his heart rate is rather high. (at least higher than this morning and afternoon. It was 104-110....and its now 135-145 and topping out at 150 at moments.

One thing God really worked out. He woke up this afternnoon and everyone was pretty much able to hug him and tell him they loved him. He first asked for "His Bride" so grandma quickly went to him with the aid of a nurse. Then when all of us were in the room and hall We sang "I love you Lord" and "Lord Prepare me" IT was a very special moment....that may be our last unless God undertakes. Later Grandpa even tried to sing along at times. He was just enjoying God's prescence and the prescence of his family. Where he is placed in ICU there are no other patients around him and the nurses and staff have given us free pass to see him and as many as want to at a time. I believe that Grandpa is ready to take his place in God's Kingdom....if God should take him.

Jonathan was able to make it here after work so the only grandkid that basically was unable to come has been Brandon. (due to being at GBS)

Continue to pray...we are getting ready to leave here soon. Grandma is staying at the hospital just 2 rooms down from him. Pray for strength for her. She seems to be strong for now....with her moments of weeping. I pray that God will give him healing or give him a peaceful passing.

I will update tomorrow.
Thanks so much for your prayers!!!!

Please Pray!!!

Around November My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer. (my dad's dad) He had been coping and doing decent. We had Christmas with all the family and it was great.

This Monday he was put in the hospital with Pneumonia...and this morning mom called me and told me they had given him 24 to 48 hours to live. I called into work and then went and met mom and dad, Justin, Tasha and Maddie to go see him.

We have been in to see him 1 time...and then they chased us out to get a port and a pic line started for meds and blood taking. He is on a Heavy duty oxygen machine. And at present due to meds is not responding to us.

Most of the family is here in the waiting room...crying and laughing and just enjoying being togather. Grandpa would be happy about us being togather.

Please pray that God will work in His own and Best way. Also please pray for the family. We have some of the family that are not Christians and I hope this will wake them up. I will keep you posted!!

Thanks so much!

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Hilligoss Family Christmas

Ok I will tell you in this post alot of these pictures are not in the order I want them...but my computer is being stupid...or either its user error and it won't let me move them...then the computer freezes. So I will post and label as is...you will get the drift.
Play Gestures...But I think Justin is really trying to pick his nose!
Jonathan happy with his Colts gear. Hat-Brandon, Cup-Justin and Tasha, Pants, socks and book from Mom and dad. The Hoodie He has had for awhile.

Much needed prego attire for the coming and growing months ahead.

Mama with one of our gifts. I told her both spaces were for OUR kid...but I think I am going to have to share with my little brothers kid. My precious neice Maddie. (I guess if it has to be another kid, I would want it to be her.)

Another Colts fan bites the dust. (Brand and Jonathan with their Flip-flop Colts hats)

Don't ya mess with me...My papaw will beat you up!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the cutest baby of them all?
(stocking stuffer from Uncle Jon and Aunt Nella)

Brandon trying to teach me some tricks on Photo shop

Mama and her Dove chocolates!!!

Uncle Brandon and his pride and joy!

Stocking stuffers from mom and dad. We are hip and cute with our new hats.

The bibs were a hit!!!

Daddy was really happy with his.

Tasha is pretty happy with her stocking stuffer. A pretty Christmas pin for her coat.
(A sparkly red sleigh with a christmas tree inside)

Dad Thompson's side for Christmas

We had Jonathan's dad's side Christmas at his Aunt Ellen and Uncle Bob's this year instead of at Grandma and Grandpa's. We had a huge breakfast....at which I think I enjoyed more of my mother-in-law's sugar cookies than anything.
The tree and all the goodies!!!

Jon's cousin Becca and her boyfriend Andy. He drew her a picture of them and framed it for her Christmas gift. It was a really great drawing

Steve is a little anxious to open Stockings
A rare occasion that I catch Grandpa

My wonderful in-laws

One funny thing about this Christmas. That morning Jonathan came in and told me Grandma Thompson would not be there at Christmas. I was like, No way, really? He was like, "yep, she's in the hospital" (or something to that effect) I was a little in doubt...but knew it could be possible because his grandma is not in the best of health. He than continued...."yeah...last night she was coming home and got ran over by a Reindeer!!!! " (That's just to tell you what and who I live with. But he does make me laugh and smile...after I smack him! LOL)