Monday, January 05, 2009

The Hilligoss Family Christmas

Ok I will tell you in this post alot of these pictures are not in the order I want them...but my computer is being stupid...or either its user error and it won't let me move them...then the computer freezes. So I will post and label as will get the drift.
Play Gestures...But I think Justin is really trying to pick his nose!
Jonathan happy with his Colts gear. Hat-Brandon, Cup-Justin and Tasha, Pants, socks and book from Mom and dad. The Hoodie He has had for awhile.

Much needed prego attire for the coming and growing months ahead.

Mama with one of our gifts. I told her both spaces were for OUR kid...but I think I am going to have to share with my little brothers kid. My precious neice Maddie. (I guess if it has to be another kid, I would want it to be her.)

Another Colts fan bites the dust. (Brand and Jonathan with their Flip-flop Colts hats)

Don't ya mess with me...My papaw will beat you up!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the cutest baby of them all?
(stocking stuffer from Uncle Jon and Aunt Nella)

Brandon trying to teach me some tricks on Photo shop

Mama and her Dove chocolates!!!

Uncle Brandon and his pride and joy!

Stocking stuffers from mom and dad. We are hip and cute with our new hats.

The bibs were a hit!!!

Daddy was really happy with his.

Tasha is pretty happy with her stocking stuffer. A pretty Christmas pin for her coat.
(A sparkly red sleigh with a christmas tree inside)


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