Monday, May 26, 2008

: Memorial day weekend

Hope all had a great memorial day weekend!!! Here is the run the down.

Well Friday night I had the beginnings of a sinus infection.....Saturday I had to get up and be at work a little before 7 a.m. As the day wore on I felt horrible. Downtown was a buzz with the upcoming "Indy 500 raceday" activities. Trying to get out of downtown proved to be challanging. But thinks to my hubby's "Tom-Tom" I managed. (My hubby knows me well enough to send me to work with a GPS system....don't laugh I only know a few ways out of downtown on my own. And most of them were shut down due to the parade.)

I spent alot of the rest of the day sleeping. Since I felt awful. And my hubby in all of his romanticness said I looked like Poop! (he is so sweet!!! Not really I did look awful)

Sunday was interesting. We went to 3 different churches. We went to our church for Sunday school. I took some pics of my kids. Little Ethan was such a doll in his little vest and tie.

Then we headed to Southeastern Church and were able to be there for Jonny's dedication. He is getting so big and he did such a good job. He just let out a big sneeze at the very end. Caroline even wrote a song for Jonny and she played and sang with Jonathan. .

Mom and Dad Thompson had lunch at our house and then we headed off to Terre Haute. Once we got there I snoozed on Steve's comfortable new couch....only to be awakened my nephew, who then started tickeling my feet.

We had a good, but long church service, then we had a good dinner of PIZZA and CHEESY BREAD STICKS. And leftover STAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE. (see where my diet is going?)

After visiting for a while...I finally took my stuffed up nose and blurry eyes and "Vicks Kleenex" (which are wonderful by the way.) to bed.

Monday day was great....good, kinda wet weather, great food and a number of games of dominos. Jonathan and I hold the record for the longest game of dominos...we ran out of pieces and had to leave the two that could be played on, on the table and turn over all the others again and then we almost ran out again...until your truly WON!!!!! YIPEE FOR ME!!!!

Anyhow...not alot happened but it was a good weekend off work.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

a belated mothers day

This last weekend was Jonathan's Grandma's Suprise 70th Birthday party. I had several pictures, but somehow with playing with my camera....I deleated them all. (talk about upsetting since I also had a cute picture of little Jhonny and my Jonathan togather.)
So here are some pictures after the party with the boys goofing off!!!

Then on Sunday~we had our mothers day dinner. I was so excited and nervous. But all my food turned out even my 21 hour dessert~Berries on a cloud~(it was a big hit)
I didn't get many pictures due to hurrying around the kitchen. But Mom and Dad Thompson were there and Mom and Dad Hilligoss and even my brother's girlfriend Heather Frazier. (mom and dad had picked her up from the airport and were taking her to GBS campmeeting) Here is what all we enjoyed to eat:

Ham, Mac-n-cheese, Sweet potato Casserole, deviled eggs, green beans, rolls, and Broccolie salad

and for dessert PB pie and Berries on a cloud.

( I love to entertain, so when I usually do I go overboard in preparing enough food. But when I do we always have plenty leftovers and I don't have to cook for 3 or 4 days.)

By the way I didn't really post anything for mothers day. But Mom Thompson~ thanks for being a wonderful Mother-in-law. You have always been there for me. Thanks for taking me in as a daughter. I love you!!! And Mama thank you for being such a wonderful example for me to follow. I love you and I am so glad God blessed me with a mom like you. Both you have been through alot this last year and I have watched you rely on God alot....thanks for showing me your steady devotion to God. I love you both!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


CONGRADS Phil and Jenn!!!!
I am so HAPPY for you both. You are going to make a great team! So excited to be able to make more memories with you both. I have seen both of you grow so much in the last few years. I know God has big plans for you both. I have so enjoyed working as a team with you and the others in Outlook Makeover....and then just connecting with you both as DEAR FRIENDS!!!!
Jenn, Your day is finally coming. I am sure Phil was worth the wait.
Phil, you are a great guy and so talanted....take care of her!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

One Word at a time

Not as easy as you might think
Where is your cell phone? pocket
Your significant other? Jonathan
Your hair? up
Your mother? wonderful
Your father? hilarious
Your favorite thing? tacos
Your dream last night? none
Your favorite drink? Mt.Dew
Your dream/goal? kids
The room you're in? office
Your hobby? scrapbooks
Your fear? dying
Where do you want to be in 6 years? mommy
Where were you last night? home
What you're not? perfectionist
One of your wish list items? lamp
Where you grew up? Westfield
The last exciting thing you did? scrapbooked. (is that one word??)
Your life? good
Your mood? tired
Your car? red
Something you're not wearing: shoes
Favorite store? Archievers
Your summer? hot!!!!
Your favorite color? purple
Favorite vacation spot? Gatlinburg

Saturday, May 03, 2008


These are "my kids"! The ones that God has blessed me with to teach about God's love.
I love everyone of them and they each are special. God is helping me learn and realize what a responsibility that I have in my hands as I stand before them each Sunday. I am realizing I may be their only hope of them reaching God in a real relationship. I am young and am still learning all the teaching stuff and I feel I will forever be a student in "Gods Training school". But I don't think that is a bad thing. I have learned in the last year....that I need to say again and again "how can we become a Christian? We have to ASK Jesus into our hearts and ASK Him to forgive us. Then LEAN on him and He will direct us in the way He wants us to." I guess growing up in a christian home...that fact is always just a given. But for these kids living in todays society they are being taught...Be nice, Be a good person...and you will go to Heaven. So it is my responsibilty to really tell them HOW TO BE SAVED. I know this should have already been a "given Lesson" that I need to teach. But I had the misconception that they would get that thought thru the Bible stories I would tell. But the gentle Spirit of God showed me that I need not be so vague...but to just tell them outright. So I am learning.

Joe~ He is our longest Attendee in Jr. Church. He is a great listener...and he loves to help. Sometimes a little to much. But I hope that God can get thru to his heart on day and help him see his need for salvation.
my Little Lily~ (isn't she a doll??) Lily has been with us almost a year. She is 4 years old and is older sister to Ethan (see below) She is very motherly to her lil' helping him take his coat off..and making sure he gets in his seat. (so cute, but annoying to Ethan) She is really quiet...but she loves to sing. She made me so proud when we had to sing in front of the church...and she sang so big and even helped act out the scripture verse. The whole church just fell in love with her smile.
Kyle~ He was such a quiet boy when he started he just talks and talks. (he overall is quiet but comparing him to when he first came is alot better at communicating) He does a good job listening but it takes him awhile to understand some things.

Chyanne (in red) and Abby (purple) ~ these Girls are so much alike and yet so different (yes they are sisters) Abby is much more backwards and a little stonger in her disposition...Where Chyanne is more outgoing and has a bit of a sweeter spirit about her. They both are good listeners but both struggle with learning things that they have to read. (I am not sure anyone else that is Children's ministry are finding that this younger generation, in lower income homes are stuggling on learning to read. I am finding it more and more and it is very sad to me.)Ethan~ (Lily's little brother) At 3 years old this little one is just a litte heart warmer. His big brown eyes are just heart melting. He is very stubborn and quiet, but know how to shake his head "NO!" very well. But he is doing so much better. Getting involved in singing and even trying to act out and say bible verses. I have of yet had a conversation with him, but he is only 3 and that will come one day.
Cameron and Shelby~ This brother and sister are very close. Their Grandparent attend our do their Great-grandparents. They are so cute. I was so proud of Cameron after this Picture was taken I had asked the kids which material was easier to build with(trying to make a point on how we should build our lives strong on JESUS)...Playdoh or blocks? Thinking my younger ones would not get it as well. Cameron raised his hand and said "the blocks" I asked him "why?" He said "Because it stands up better and doesn't fall over." I was so proud of him!!!

Here recently I had been experiencing a little feeling of "burn-out" (which I am sure some of you can identfy with) My pastor got me a helper and for 2 months I will have only Sunday school and She will do Jr. Church. But after about just 1 month, I miss my kids!!! I am in the process of getting my stuff togather and getting back in the saddle again. I Thank GOD for giving me such a desire to teach younger ones about Him. I am honored that God would think that I could do the job well enough. Pray for me...and leave me a note if you are in ministry so I know to pray for you

Mothers day outing

Last Saturday we had our Mother/daughter banquet. We went to New Castle to this little tea house. They also had a ton of Greenhouses that you could shop in. the flowers were all just beautiful. It was a little cold, but the ladies really had fun. My mom and Mother-in-law were both there as well as my mother-in-laws Mom, sister and niece. So we all had a great time.
The food was really cute and good...I had Chicken pot pie soup (which was served in a little tea cup) It was wonderful. Then I had a half of a Chicken Fajita wrap with some Kettle potato chips and a pickle. Then for dessert I had a piece of Red velet cake. (It was good, but my mom's Strawberry pie was so much better) And since I don't really do flavored tea's I just had your plain ol' every day tea. but the straws were large pieces of pasta. Well....lets just say I do talk with my hands alot and i hit my straw and it broke and went flying across the room a little ways. My mom and I got quite a laugh out of that.

Regi, here is an idea for what to do with your quilts. I thought of you when I saw all the quilts used as valances on all the windows. I even bragged on you to the ladies on how great your quilting is.