Monday, May 26, 2008

: Memorial day weekend

Hope all had a great memorial day weekend!!! Here is the run the down.

Well Friday night I had the beginnings of a sinus infection.....Saturday I had to get up and be at work a little before 7 a.m. As the day wore on I felt horrible. Downtown was a buzz with the upcoming "Indy 500 raceday" activities. Trying to get out of downtown proved to be challanging. But thinks to my hubby's "Tom-Tom" I managed. (My hubby knows me well enough to send me to work with a GPS system....don't laugh I only know a few ways out of downtown on my own. And most of them were shut down due to the parade.)

I spent alot of the rest of the day sleeping. Since I felt awful. And my hubby in all of his romanticness said I looked like Poop! (he is so sweet!!! Not really I did look awful)

Sunday was interesting. We went to 3 different churches. We went to our church for Sunday school. I took some pics of my kids. Little Ethan was such a doll in his little vest and tie.

Then we headed to Southeastern Church and were able to be there for Jonny's dedication. He is getting so big and he did such a good job. He just let out a big sneeze at the very end. Caroline even wrote a song for Jonny and she played and sang with Jonathan. .

Mom and Dad Thompson had lunch at our house and then we headed off to Terre Haute. Once we got there I snoozed on Steve's comfortable new couch....only to be awakened my nephew, who then started tickeling my feet.

We had a good, but long church service, then we had a good dinner of PIZZA and CHEESY BREAD STICKS. And leftover STAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE. (see where my diet is going?)

After visiting for a while...I finally took my stuffed up nose and blurry eyes and "Vicks Kleenex" (which are wonderful by the way.) to bed.

Monday day was great....good, kinda wet weather, great food and a number of games of dominos. Jonathan and I hold the record for the longest game of dominos...we ran out of pieces and had to leave the two that could be played on, on the table and turn over all the others again and then we almost ran out again...until your truly WON!!!!! YIPEE FOR ME!!!!

Anyhow...not alot happened but it was a good weekend off work.