Sunday, June 24, 2007

Holiday world and Campmeeting!!!! (What a combo!)

Well this post is going to be the events of our last 2 weekends. They have been some of the greatest for Jonathan and I. Well June 15 (Friday) as soon as I got off work we headed to Southern Indy and spent the night in a nice hotel. Then got up to a hot, humid day to spend it at Holiday world. We had a blast. Even with the heat and the long lines....but the free drinks were great even though we really limitied ourselves to just water and not soda. I think the Voyeger rollar Coaster got the vote for the best ride. It was a 1 min 58 sec ride. (I never thought a rollar coaster could be long enough, but this was on the verge of being to long. But awsome ride with TONS of drops.) The Raging Rapids was quite cool. Jonathan seemed to be getting the wet end of the ride until we came to a water fall. We both were waiting for it to turn off as we inched closer. Finally it turned off as we headed underneath and then suddenly with out warning as I was to go under it TURNED BACK ON!!!!! I was soaked!!! I was very thankful for the "Knee-length" thinner material skirt I w0re. (As only a holiness girl would know trying to manuver in a long wet jean skirt is quite uncomfortable not to mention hard to do.) But inspite of looking like a drowened made the day cooler for a hour our two. I also learned that I may be getting older for some of the rides. I love all kinds even the ones that spin you around and around. I had decided to eat ice cream before going on one....Don't think I will ever do that again. I about embarassed myself!!! It was a wonderful day for both Jonathan and I.

The Legend the other great rollar coaster

The Voyeger!!! Great ride. There was at least 2 of the size of drops!

After we left the park we both failed to realize that we were low on gas. When we did we thought we could make it to the next exit....all the sudden that nice little ding rang. We saw an exit that had a sign beside the exit with a gas tank. Thinking there would be a gas station real close we took the exit quickly. Much to our dismay the only thing we saw a small country store that looked run down with a lone pump out front that looked as in sad shape as the store. Jon thinking "Oh there will be another one,"continued to drive. Well we saw more beautiful countryside in southern Indy, then I cared to on an empty tank of gas. Almost 20 miles!!! I don't think he and I ever prayed so hard for Gas!!!!! LOL (no pun intended) Finally we saw this sight!!! Thank God for Marathon. I told my husband I am Putting this on the blog. He just laughed at me and told me, we must have really needed a lesson on FAITH!!!!!

June 23- Jonathan woke me up and told me he had a suprise for me. We were going to camp for the weekend. I was so excited!!!! So after work we headed for Frankfort....we indulged in some great Ice cream treats at DQ. We had a wonderful evening just talking at DQ and then we headed to bed....the next morning we went shopping and enjoyed a good Breakfast at Golden Corral. Then the rest of the afternoon RELAXED!!! It was wonderful. Then finally we headed to camp. Bro. Jon Parker preached a great message. One of the best I have heard for a long time. (but more on that later) I was able to see Janae who is really turning into a beautiful young lady. She has been like a little sister to me. You can see she is not so little anymore. Basically my height, since I have heels and she doesn't. Sunday was full of good memories and the wonderful presence of the Lord being felt. I love Campmeeting!!!!
Thank you hubby for 2 wonderful weekends!!!! I love you so much! Thank you for working so hard to make these special weekends happen. I love the good times I have with you.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Fathers day.

Daddy's little girl, is how I have always been. I get my dad's funny sense of humor and his socialness with people without a doubt!!! I remember so many memories of going out on "Little Dates" with dad. I remember one....He took me ice skating, I was really nervous, because I had never been but once I got on the ice I gained confidence. (although you would never know it now with how my ankles shake. But after 2 ankle injuries that will happen to you.) Dad on the other hand took a few steps and BOOM was down on his rear. (Looking back now, I wonder how long he Felt that fall) Also daddy's snickerdoodles and how we were always excited to have hamburgers when mom was gone. Daddy, I love you very much thank you for doing your best to raise me in the way of "God and Holiness" You will always be my hero. And it is true, "the first man a little girl ever falls in love with is her Father!!!" All my love to you on this Fathers day!

Pops- you have been the best father in law a girl could ask for!!! You were a good father to Jonathan too from all that he has told me. Thanks for just taking me in as a daughter and for being so caring and loveing to me. You will never know how much I appreciate your love. Thanks for being there. LUV YOU!!!! The best fathers day to you. I hope to make lots more memories with you and your family.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

What can BROWN Do for you???

Jonathan finally got a driving job!! He is considered a "Swing driver". Which means he basically covers the drivers vacations. He says it is the hardest job he has ever had. But I think after he is used to the long hours and remembering all the roads and such he will be fine. (I think he is a cutie in his uniform!!) LoL

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