Friday, September 30, 2011

On my table

As an update from last "Feed me Friday"" my pizza dip was a major hit!  I broiled up some french bread that I found at Wal-mart in the large loaf style in the bakery (it was about to expire but I was using it in 2 days so I didn't care and plus I got like 25 to 30 cents off! )  I cut the bread into bite size pieces and broiled it for just a couple minutes to crisp it up and it was yummy!  (I did double the recipe due to my pie plate being a bit deep and I am glad I did...they scraped it clean!)

SO this coming week I am trying something new again.  My poor hubby does not care for just plain roast, so I thought I would use a recipe I found on Food Networks "Sandwich King" called Chicago Italian Beef (Pot Roast Style) (Just click on title to go to his site and see his Recipe.)  It looks really yummy.  I am going to omit the Dry red wine, since I am still a new at this and I might use my Red wine Vinegar???  (GOOD IDEA OR NOT???  Please comment if you know?)  and I did not get some Thyme.  Also I hate Green peppers so I am going to use Yellow and Red instead.

Also the Homemade Hot Giardiniera he talks about I am going to omit...not a big one on REALLY spicy stuff right now.  SO if I want some kick I MIGHT add some salsa or something.   All in all it sounds like your basic "French Dip" sandwich.  But I am excited to try something different with Roast, and try to impress the Hubby with it.  (PLEASE NOTE:  My husband is NOT, I repeat NOT a picky eater and will eat most anything I cook.)    Will let you know how it goes!

Oh how I love to go to Sunday School and Old Fashion Day memories

Ok, so this didn't quite make it to Thursday post...but oh well.  Just thought I would include a picture of Kagelynn's WONDERFUL Sunday School Teacher, Shelia Gaskins.  She has taught Katelynn so much and Katelynn ADORES her.  She has called her "She-She" and "Sha-Sha"  and now can call her by her name more clearly.  Shelia told me one Sunday she was telling the story to the kids who were sitting on the little pew that is in her room and must have been really into the story when all the sudden Katelynn popped off the pew and started walking around saying, "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!"   Shelia said she about died laughing but told Katelynn, "That's right you can praise the Lord!"   Guess she has paid attention more in service than what I thought she had.  SO GLAD TO BE BRINGING HER UP IN CHURCH!!!

I am really excited about this weekend it is our Alumni Weekend at Union Bible College also know as OLD FASHION DAY.  I have been around UBC for roughly 28 + years, and not quiet sure when the FIRST OLD FASHION DAY came about...but I have always LOVED going!!!!  Cool Crisp mornings, biscuits and gravy, yummy hamburgers, Taco Salad, all the pop you could EVER drink, Pies, crafts, Used to be the Old Jail and Stocks, getting your picture put on a button, NORA NEESES Peanut Butter Fudge. Now you can find some of the old favorites along with the new additions of a Paint ball booth, a dunk tank, and horse and buggy rides, a bounce house, a petting zoo and some kind of  Oriental food *or some kind of food along that line at the Missions Organization booth*, Sis.Arrnett's candy shopee with delicious homemade goodies....and then a BIG car Auction and Misc. Auction run by Bro.Mark Mowery....and to cap your day off the newly introduced HOME COOKED SUPPER and the ANNUAL HAY RIDE!!!  I realize it's not for everyone (like my lovely Hubby could care less to go..But I still love him and he still goes, but we opt out of the hayride....but maybe when our kids get bigger we can beg him to stay and the crash at grandma and grandpa's)  What are some of your memories of OLD FASHION DAY?  (Student, alumni or just visitor please leave me a comment!!!)

I wish I had some old pictures scanned into my computer but don't have the time to do so.  SO thought I would include the pictures from the last 2 years.  Can't believe how much she has grown!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a quote for today

"The Bible shows we are a Easter people living in a Good Friday world, not a Good Friday people living in an Easter world". Meaning we are destined for joy no matter how difficult our daily Christian life may be. -----Barbra Johnson from "Joy for a Womans Soul"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Musical Laugh and "THE STREAK!"

Just in case you couldn't tell what songs she was singing
1. Devil is a Sly Old Fox
2. Zacchaeus

Love finding good deals at 2nd hand shops.  Found this at a kids store (something like "Once Upon A Child") for $4.  It has Barney on it and she LOVES it.  Asks to wear it anytime we say something about a coat.

Something about my daughter and clothes, or the lack thereof.  We were outside playing and told Katelynn to go inside to go potty.  Which she does pretty well by herself.  (But the potty training is going AWFUL! Anyhow....)  I was messing with the radio in the garage and after a couple minutes saw her run by me. No big deal.  After a couple more minutes I called her name because she was quiet and I assumed she was playing on her slide, but couldn't see her. I turned to look for her to come and THERE SHE STOOD IN ONLY HER SHIRT.....IN OUR DRIVEWAY!!! 
I about died!!!   I also wanted to laugh...but this is something we are trying to work on discipline wise.  SO after a quick smack on the bum I ran her inside only to find out her Pull up and skirt where OUTSIDE on the slide.  (I guess I should be happy she at least brought her clothes with her!)  I did have my laugh as i went back outside to get her clothes.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mommy's Memories for the week

Another full week has passed. I have to say it was a bit of a rough one for me. Seems that pregnancy has hit me full force. I was extremely queasy last week thus aided me in losing about 4lbs last week. (I was hoping for some weight loss at the beginning since last time I lost about 16lbs) I also started my last part of the week sleeping part of my nights in our big recliner due to upper back pain and hip pain. Thankfully I found out I have chiropractic coverage so in about a week hope to get an adjustment per the ok of my OBGYN.

OK enough about me!!!! Last Tuesday was Katelynn's big doctor appointment. She was pretty excited but wanted to take her monkey "Bubbles". Which means she is sometimes nervous. We love our doctor she is awesome. The wait is sometimes a little long BUT it's because she takes PERSONAL time with her patients.

(gotta love the one sock on!!)
Katelynn's stats

Weight  34 lbs
Height. 36.75 in

In the 98% for her age.

She was such a big girl about shots. I choose to tell her after we were in the room and waiting. Told her the nurse was going to give her 2 shots that would feel like big pinches. Then we would leave and go to McDonald and get ice cream. The first one was ok...she just kept saying Ouch!!! And had a big pouchy lip trying not to cry. The 2nd one she tried hard to be brave but than burst out crying. I felt awful. But quickly told her she was all done and she had been SO BRAVE and such a BIG GIRL!!!!!

Wednesdays are our library day.  Our Library has a little train car in the front of the childrens section.

She loves it. It even has a phone in it that you can listen to a story (when it's working) Also in the kids area is a LEGO table and a Kitchen, Lots of puzzles, kids computers (that she is dying to learn to use.) and stuffed animals and LOTS of GREAT books. Here are some pictures of the last couple weeks trips. Sorry I did not get any with her ACTUAL books, but she does come home with alot and LOVES to read and look at them.

So to wrap up our week we did a craft and had a snack in Jr. Church.  We did a one month theme and I used the WORDLESS BOOK.  I got the bright idea to make wordless book cupcakes.  SO I took 2 cake mixes and divided them out and used food coloring to dye 3 colors red (blood of Jesus), Green (living forever), and yellow (Heaven)....then iced with White frosting (our hearts free from sin) and used Chocolate sprinkles (For our hearts black with sin.)   The kids loved them...and Katelynn enjoyed helping with the sprinkles and sampling them.  *we also made felt wordless books*

Mommy's wonderful helper!!!

So there you have it another week in review in the Thompson household!  Hope this doesn't bore you...but I am having fun blogging more!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feed me Friday (a day late)

Ok, so I didn't get the 2nd post in for yesterday.  All in all the last few days have been very rough physically for me.  But this Bearly prego mommy is making it.

This Sunday is our "youth night"  the last Sunday night of every month somone other than our pastor takes over the service and has a kid-teen geared service.  Then we head over to our Fellowship building and enjoy alot of good snacks.  I love it!

SO here is what I am making....


Pizza Dip

A layered, hot cheesy dip with all of the great pizza flavours including pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, olives and green peppers.

Servings: 8

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Printable Recipe
  • 4 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella, grated
  • 1/4 cup parmigiano reggiano (parmesan), grated
  • 1 cup pizza sauce
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella, grated
  • 1/4 cup parmigiano reggiano (parmesan), grated
  • 2 ounces pepperoni, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons green pepper, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons black olives, sliced
  1. Mix the cream cheese, sour cream mayonnaise, mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano and spread it across the bottom of a pie plate.
  2. Spread the pizza sauce on top and sprinkle on the cheese, pepperoni, green pepper and olives.
  3. Bake in a preheated 350F oven until the cheese has melted, bubbling and golden brown, about 20 minutes.

Hope that it is yummy!!!

I am also making a new dessert too, done with crackers, Butterscotch chip and Chocolate chips and Brown sugar and butter.  I had it in Pinterest but I can't find it.  Thankfully I jotted down the recepie when I made my grocery list.  If any of you that are on there see it...put the @ sign to me.  THANKS!

On a side noat  I am LOVING PINTEREST!!!!!  VERY ADDICTIVE, but I am excited to try some of the things I have found!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beauty secret

Ok so I missed Thursday but other than that  I have kept my plan!  Pardon me while I do my happy dance.  And I even have an ALMOST clean house, kept up with my devotions, organized some pics and even took 1 nap this week!  YIPEE!!!!!  Pretty proud.  Maybe I am finally gaining the discipline to keep things going??  To early to tell still!  But at least it's headed in the right direction!!!

So to make up for yesterdays  post that was  on WHATEVER I wanted it to be on. (which in my defense I did have partly done.) I will be posting 2 times today.

Thought I would share one of my beauty secrets that I had mentioned in a post earlier.   It is the Mary Kay Time wise collection!!   I know for some of my readers you may stop reading after I say Mary Kay.  I used to totally link Mary Kay with just Makeup...and thought "well, that is not for me so why waste my time?",  but several years ago I was introduced to the "Satin Hands"   Which I love by the way, but don't indulge in right now...maybe another time. (As a side note last I knew my Aunt Kim Collingsworth, who travels the countryside with her family loves this product  and those that know her knows her hands are busy flying up and down those piano keys and need to be kept moist so they don't crack and split and cause her pain in her playing.)  MOVING ON, my next door neighbor, Kristen Evans, and I became friends.  Her husband Paul also really connected to Jonathan....he is a mechanic and loves working on cars and has shared his experience and advice in our direction.  I soon found out that Kristen was a  Mary Kay consultant began to talk about what kind of products they offer.  She invited me to a Spa or Makeover show and I told her I really don't wear make up, other than a touch of cover up once in a great while.  She informed me about some of their TIMEWISE facial line.  A facial rinse and lotion.  So I went, she by no means PUSHED the make-up line on me at ANY point.  I was super impressed by the kindness of her team.  And their was also a lot of mention about God in their meeting.

SO i pushed aside the wonderful Noxzema I had used since I was old enough in my Mom's eyes to use hers then able to start buying my about 12 or 13.  After a 2nd Spa show and a "New Mother gift" that Kristen brought over to me after Katelynn was born of one of their Timewise Lotion with SPF I made the plunge.  I purchased their TimeWise wash and lotion.   I was a bit apprehensive in beginning to use it due to the fact my $8-$10 tub of Noxzema that would last me well over 6 months, and my $40 Timewise would last me about half the time.  BUT I was beginning to see huge open pores and more fine lines than I care to mention at pre-30...and was very unhappy when I would look in the mirror at  my skin on my face!  Jonathan said he would pay extra for me to get something that would work and I would be happy with.

  After 6 months I was Hooked....I can get the Lotion and Face wash to last a bit longer than 3 months sometimes.  Mary Kay (at least my consultant does) backs her self up with a money back GUARANTEE.  She even worked with me to get the right combination of lotion  and face when the oils in my face began to change and become dryer and allowed me to exchange bottles that I had already used at NO EXTRA cost.  (Now that is probably done on each consultant basis...but I think I got one of THE BEST!!!!)  It's been over a year since I have been using it and my pores are smaller, my lines are not as deep and an overall smoothness that I am loving is taking over.    SO huge shout out to my wonderful neighbor KRISTEN EVANS!!!!  And to a company that I originally thought I would have NOTHING to do with.  GUESS that's why they say NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT"S COVER!!!!
Here is our wonderful neighbors with one of their dogs Wally.  GOD really blessed us with AWESOME neighbors!!!!  They have mowed our lawn, helped when Katelynn was born, and totaly spoil and adore Katelynn.  I am thankful in this crazy world that God choose to put this couple beside us.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't just go to church!

Worship wednesday. Just a couple hours away from going to church. I really love mid-week prayer service. Sometimes I am really exhausted and it takes me awhile to get into the mode of worship. Which I really hate when that happens. But I try to come prepared to worship. My parents are a lot to thank for helping us kids prepare for worship. Many times on the way to church I can remember one of my parents praying out loud for the .service or playing worship music. I will say it was more on Sunday's then it was Wednesday's. Wednesday's were rushed to get ready, rushed to eat, get homework done or at least started and done also on the ride to church...typical family madness....but not every prayer meeting night was like that.

Guess what I am trying to get at is we are going to church to worship God. To give praise to our living King. As hard as it is (believe me I am guilty too) try to focus on your drive to church...leave your stress and your to-do list in the car. And just for a couple hours WORSHIP!!!!! Your pastor will love you for it and people who have also come to worship and get a break from this hectic world will appreciate it as well. As a result all can be ushered into the presence of God for a few short moments. Don't just go to church, be an active part!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Never done this before

I am linking up to this blog and answering her questions.  Check her blog out, it's pretty cool!   Lot's of cool crafts and links to others!!!     


1. What are your favorite 3 things about fall?  The changing of leaves,  The crisp air, MY BIRTHDAY

2. Are you a football fan and if so who is your favorite team?  I am not really but my husband kind of is...but being in Indianapolis I would always root for the COLTS even before my husband was around

3. What is your favorite fall scent?  Probably pumpkin

4. So you have seasonal allergies?  I deal with them in the fall and winter the worst

5. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  OH YES,  I start the Day after Christmas!!! 
SO I did something new....PLUS I POSTED 2x's today!!!  OH MY!!!!!

Is that my child????

Last Wednesday night was our monthly board meeting.  The last couple meetings we have been having them at the parsonage around their dinner table.  Lot more comfortable.  Plus it gives Katelynn a bit more play room that I can watch  her better, since both her daddy and I are on the board.  Well, I saw her dissappear and could hear her in the bathroom then a few moment later here came MY LITTLE girl streaking into the dinning room with ONLY HER SHIRT ON!!!!!  I was so embarassed yet I couldn't hold back a laugh.  I figure I better laugh then be upset.  Her Daddy scooped her up and headed back to the bathroom only to come back in the room and inform me I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF HER!   She had made a nice deposit all on her own which this "potty-training Mommy" was quite proud of!  (Even at the expense of my embarassement of a daughter running bare bummed from the bathroom!)  Sometimes I wonder if she is my child!  LOL

Another Funny thing recently is her daddy and her went on a lunch date to Denny's to give mommy some time with a friend.  Well the potty issue came up and Daddy being the only one there had to take her.  Well, I have been teaching her the difference between the boy and girl bathrooms and how to look at the pictures and tell which one is the girls.  SHe was VERY UPSET that she had to go into the boys and started pouting and crying that she was NOT to be in the boys bathroom!  (HA, HA!!!  Gotta love it when training come back to bite you sometimes!)

Funny words from Katelynn:

Juice-------Penguins  (Not sure how that one came about??)

Ready for a wedding shower with mommy, Gotta love the monkey purse!

Katelynn and her cousin Devan at a Red's game in August

She has finally learned to sing Deep and WIde the correct way.  For awhile she had been singing it "Deep and Phil"  (???? I told her, her S.S. teacher (whos husband is named Phil) must be talking about her hubby to much in class!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A blessed week (Mommy memory day)

Being a mommy you never know what kind of things are going to fill your week.  Happy things that make you smile, things that make you have to turn your head to HIDE your laughter from your children, or days that you can NOT WAIT till nap time and its only 9:00 a.m.  Crazy exciting times that you run to your journal to jot it down, or to the computer to post it on Face Book.  As crazy as some memories are they will get lost in the "Black hole" called time.  But they brought us joy or sorrow, a smile or a tear at the time.  Isn't parenting and just life in general GREAT????

Probably our biggest accompishment this week was getting our Garage organized!  I am so proud of how it looks.  We still plan to buy one more shelf  and also put a shelf to hold my husbands uniforms, because the closet they are in right now will be the new babies closet.  Now we just have to keep this garage looking this way.  But I am having fun organizing way early in this pregnancy.

UPDATE on my pregnancy:   I am only about 6 weeks along.  FIrst appointment just to see the nurse is Oct 4th.  I am pretty tired, and very queasy in the mornings and then again in the early evening.  I haven't lost weight like I would have liked to seen but I haven't really gained yet (VERY EARLY TO SEE ANY REAL CHANGE THERE ANYHOW.)   I feel like my queasiness is far more fierce this time round then what I was with Katelynn.  Mints and hard candies are my friend in the morning as well as crackers and Sierra Mist.  Also been dealing with alot of diziness...but I find if I eat something it takes care of that.  I also feel I am WAY more emotional with this one than with last.  I bounce from one emotion to the next.  WOw, is Jonathan in for a ride he still has 7 months to go!!!  LOL

Probably my Favorite thing that happened last week was Friday (Sept 16) I was having my devotions in my room and Katelynn came in and crawled up on the bed and asked what I was doing. I told her I was having my devotions and reading and talking to Jesus.  She mentioned something about Jesus and her heart.  *which we have told that Jesus lives in heaven and can also live in her heart*  I told her one day she could ask Jesus in her heart when she wanted to.  SHe said "Yeah, yeah"  I asked her, "Katelynn, do you want Jesus to live in your heart?"  "Yeah, in my heart" came an excited answer.  By this time I had tears in my eyes and told her "Ok lets pray right now and you can ask Jesus to come in your heart."  I called for my husband who was home for the day...and Katelynn leaned over ( remember she is sitting on the bed still) and put her head in the blankets and repeated a simple sinners prayer.  MOmmy came up with way more tears!!!   And Katelynn had a big smile and said, "Jesus HEART!!!" (shaking her head up and down really fast)  I know this really important  moment was encouraged by Mommy alot...but I also know that she can understand at an early age that Jesus  can live in her heart!!!!

Our Sunday School Picnic was the big event for the weekend!  It was a crisp morning but got warmer thru the day and was just beautiful!

Katelynn and her matching BFF Lizzie Dennis

Katelynn had a ball on the swings and playground

How many men does it take to grill???

My lovely husband at one of his finer moments!

Tom, not so sure this fits you! 

Preparing for our annual auction and passing out Central Wesleyan money

Jonathan and Tom our auctioneers

Our church treasurer with real money and FAKE!!!

I will give you  $20!!!!


Enjoying some of her loot from the auction!

Tom, not sure your garndson's helment was ment for your head!

All for the sake of Jr. Church!!!   (Can't believe I am posting this!) SHowing them how to get a cookie form their forehead to their mouth with out touching it.  LOT harder than I big as my mouth was I never did get it.  (But only tried one time too!)


TRYING VERY HARD!!!  Way to go Chyanne!

SO close Harper!

Awesome job Cameron!  We have a winner.
*actually 2 winners but I didn't see who got it first, and wasn't so sure I could trust who said they were first*

Wrapping their Mummys up!!!

Another DEAR person in Katelynn's life who LOVES her Dearly! 
A grandma when the other grandma's are not around!
We love you Grandma Becky!!!

Kids had a blast playing Kick ball!  I gotta say I loved it too!!!  Wished I could have gotten up there and kicked.  Some of the things I miss from childhood!!!!

Mommy and her "almost" angel

Singing to her Pass-sirs  (aka: Pastor)

"He looked up in the tree"

"Zaccheous you come down from there"

Jr. churh has been a bit challanging with Katelynn lately. She started attending about a month ago on a regular basis...but my helper Judy Alcorn was in charge of the services then and I just lead the singing and I could control her a little bit. SHe is learning to sit in her seat...very hard task for a 2 year old. Well for the last 2 weeks it has been my turn for Jr. Chruch and last week I had to send her back up stairs to sit....she just couldn't get it in her head that she couldn't be up by mommy the whole time and started throwing a fit about it. BUT this last sunday I was SOOOO happy to see her sitting in her seat (She did keep bugging the girl next to her, but when Judy moved her to her lap she did EXCELLENT!!!) I was happy because I was talking about the WORDLESS BOOK and was telling the story of Jesus dying on the cross, even had purchased a large sharp nail for the kids to touch and feel, and after the story I had a child ask some questions of how she could get to heaven? I told her by praying and asking Jesus into her heart. As I lead the kids in a group sinners prayer I heard 2 praying out loud and asked Jesus into their hearts!!! I was so excited and blessed. GOD is at work and I pray those 2 children found something Sunday morning that will stick with them through their lives!

Wow, what a week....3 new ones entered into the kingdom of GOD, a yummy picnic and a clean garage!!!  Not sure this week can top that one!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My plan

Ok, I love plans and I love lists. So here is my plan for this is not totally original. I got the idea from Natalie Herring. (for those that read her blog will understand)

So I plan to try and post at least something small daily during the week. Sat and Sunday are my days totally devoted to family.

Mommy Memory Mondays-- Will recount most of my memories of the previous week.

Tickle Me Tuesday--funny antics of Katelynn or funny things I have seen or heard lately

Worship Wednesday--inspirational posts

This and that Thursday--Just posting whatever I want

Feed me Friday--tasty treats and savory dishes I want to share

Now, I may not post every day so do not hold me to it....but I have a plan!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A new turn in life

Wow, I feel awful. 4 months have gone by and I had done nothing with this blog. I hope in the days to come to do so much more with this. I truly have had lots of Blog postings go thru my head....even articulated just how I would say things....cute I wanted to add, only to fall into bed each night and say I will do it tomorrow! Sounds familiar on to many occasions on to many things. I think I sometimes make myself out to be more productive than I actually really am. The Lord is really working on that area in my life. So this blog is going to just be a quick (yes, for those that know me I CAN CUT TO THE CHASE SOMETIMES) overview of life changing things and some hopes to accomplish better things too.

1. DEVOTIONS: This is an area I am SO EMBARRASED about. I wish I could say I have always just dove right in daily to GODs word. But I haven't been that disciplined. But in the last almost 2 weeks I have only missed a few days and God has been so faithful to me. I thank God for being patient with me in this area.

2. MARRIAGE: Jonathan Thompson! Wow love being married to that man! He drives me crazy, crazy in love,makes me laugh, makes me cry....and loves me unconditionally. Having a child only makes me love him more BUT it makes marriage only that much harder. Finding time for just US is hard and is taking a lot of discipline especially on my part. I tend to be a loner when it comes to late evening and usually have a plan for how I WANT TO SPEND MY EVENING. But beginning to realize time is short and I need to make the best of the evenings I have with my wonderful hubby. I am a blessed woman to have a great man! And a great father for my little girl.

3. COOKING: I am having a blast in this area! Learning to cook with alot of fresh ingredients. Fresh garlic,peppers, and several other things. I am really learning to adjust things to my liking. I plan to share some of those on here soon. I have a dessert I have fallen in love with and have made it so much that my husband made m promise not to make it for a month! It's nothing extra special just gooey and chocolaty!!!! (need I say more to get your attention?). Than a savory soup that was supposed to be just meat and noodles...but the drippings were so good that I made more of  the  broth  and added some veggies (and plan to add more next time too)  and made such a yummy pork soup!!!!!! Plan to share SOON!!!!!

4. BEAUTY: Ok I kind of put this topic on here thru gritted teeth....but I decided at the beginning of this year that it was OK for me to care about face, my skin, my teeth. My motto until than was basically just MAINTAIN. I found some products that I have now been using for about a year and I can see huge difference. And where it is a bit more money I am liking the skin change I have seen. But I will share more on that and give a huge shout out to my consultant who is also the greatest neighbor a person could have!

5. PARENTING: Who knew that one precious little girl could bring so much joy to life. When I feel that little arm drape over my shoulder as we are eating out and she has ketchup on her mouth and greasy chicken finger hands I resist the urge (most of the time) to move her arm, when she purses her lips and says "kisses" I can't help but lean in and oblige her, and a sleepy little girl,who is starting to have morning breath, gets placed in bed beside me as daddy gets ready for work looks at me with squinty eyes and a huge smile says "Goo Moe-ring Mommy" usually followed by a huge hug and a cold wet kiss... I am reminded just how blessed I am! Discipline is beginning to be a great challange and am finding how sometimes a mom whose nerves can be so on edge over someone she loves so much...and also feeling like her heart is hurting too!

6. LASTLY........ We are EXPECTING a new bundle of joy in the late spring approx May 11!