Friday, September 23, 2011

Beauty secret

Ok so I missed Thursday but other than that  I have kept my plan!  Pardon me while I do my happy dance.  And I even have an ALMOST clean house, kept up with my devotions, organized some pics and even took 1 nap this week!  YIPEE!!!!!  Pretty proud.  Maybe I am finally gaining the discipline to keep things going??  To early to tell still!  But at least it's headed in the right direction!!!

So to make up for yesterdays  post that was  on WHATEVER I wanted it to be on. (which in my defense I did have partly done.) I will be posting 2 times today.

Thought I would share one of my beauty secrets that I had mentioned in a post earlier.   It is the Mary Kay Time wise collection!!   I know for some of my readers you may stop reading after I say Mary Kay.  I used to totally link Mary Kay with just Makeup...and thought "well, that is not for me so why waste my time?",  but several years ago I was introduced to the "Satin Hands"   Which I love by the way, but don't indulge in right now...maybe another time. (As a side note last I knew my Aunt Kim Collingsworth, who travels the countryside with her family loves this product  and those that know her knows her hands are busy flying up and down those piano keys and need to be kept moist so they don't crack and split and cause her pain in her playing.)  MOVING ON, my next door neighbor, Kristen Evans, and I became friends.  Her husband Paul also really connected to Jonathan....he is a mechanic and loves working on cars and has shared his experience and advice in our direction.  I soon found out that Kristen was a  Mary Kay consultant began to talk about what kind of products they offer.  She invited me to a Spa or Makeover show and I told her I really don't wear make up, other than a touch of cover up once in a great while.  She informed me about some of their TIMEWISE facial line.  A facial rinse and lotion.  So I went, she by no means PUSHED the make-up line on me at ANY point.  I was super impressed by the kindness of her team.  And their was also a lot of mention about God in their meeting.

SO i pushed aside the wonderful Noxzema I had used since I was old enough in my Mom's eyes to use hers then able to start buying my about 12 or 13.  After a 2nd Spa show and a "New Mother gift" that Kristen brought over to me after Katelynn was born of one of their Timewise Lotion with SPF I made the plunge.  I purchased their TimeWise wash and lotion.   I was a bit apprehensive in beginning to use it due to the fact my $8-$10 tub of Noxzema that would last me well over 6 months, and my $40 Timewise would last me about half the time.  BUT I was beginning to see huge open pores and more fine lines than I care to mention at pre-30...and was very unhappy when I would look in the mirror at  my skin on my face!  Jonathan said he would pay extra for me to get something that would work and I would be happy with.

  After 6 months I was Hooked....I can get the Lotion and Face wash to last a bit longer than 3 months sometimes.  Mary Kay (at least my consultant does) backs her self up with a money back GUARANTEE.  She even worked with me to get the right combination of lotion  and face when the oils in my face began to change and become dryer and allowed me to exchange bottles that I had already used at NO EXTRA cost.  (Now that is probably done on each consultant basis...but I think I got one of THE BEST!!!!)  It's been over a year since I have been using it and my pores are smaller, my lines are not as deep and an overall smoothness that I am loving is taking over.    SO huge shout out to my wonderful neighbor KRISTEN EVANS!!!!  And to a company that I originally thought I would have NOTHING to do with.  GUESS that's why they say NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT"S COVER!!!!
Here is our wonderful neighbors with one of their dogs Wally.  GOD really blessed us with AWESOME neighbors!!!!  They have mowed our lawn, helped when Katelynn was born, and totaly spoil and adore Katelynn.  I am thankful in this crazy world that God choose to put this couple beside us.


Kristen E. said...

Janella- I am honored you took the time to post about this! Thank you so much :). I truly enjoy what I do for women and you are one of the main reasons why I am not in it solely as another source of income. Mary Kay Ash founded the company 47 years ago on Christian principles and it continues today. Treat others as you would want to be treated! I stand behind their 100% satisfaction guarantee and talk about it with each of my clients. Any time our clients are not satisfied with their purchase for ANY reason, the consultant will exchange it or refund the purchase price. The company takes care of replacing the consultants inventory and there is never a cost to the consultant. It's an amazing company - our skincare is the main focus with color cosmetics, body/spa products and fragrances secondary.
We are also blessed to have you both as neighbors...wouldn't trade you three for the world :)

Regi said...

hook me up :)

Stephanie said...

About 10 years ago, a MK consultant was giving little gift packs to new moms. I started using some of the products. Love the hand care set!!!

Alanna said...

My aunt is a Mary Kay consultant and sounds every bit as lovely as your consultant. :) Good product, good philosophy.