Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our little pumpkin

ok, I know it's been a GREAT long while since I have posted (Dorine this is just for you~)..but here are some updated pictures. I can't believe how fast she is growing...and how much more we are falling in love with her every day. She is truly our pride and joy!!!

at 1 1/2 months old...such a tiny skinny little girl!!!!
I am such a big girl @ 4 1/2 months old

Don't you mess with my bottle

Mommy's pretty angel (4 months)

Enjoying Mansfield, Ind with mommy and daddy

Yummy Mommy, this pumpkin is good!!!!

I am so excited....can't you tell???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A day at the Indiana State Fair

We all got up early to head out to the fair and hoped to beat the heat of the day!
Takes a girl awhile to wake up in the morning!
Ok, mom I am ready to be dressed...and most importantly FED!!!!

Checking out my new ride...never been down here before, Ya'll normally put me in my big seat. Check out all the room!!

So....this is what a pig looks like???

Wow so many babies?

Meeting Miss. Indiana, not very intrested...but she really liked me!!!

A family moment at the fair...I got the best daddy and mommy ever!

Ok, guys you wore me out...time for a nap!

Daddy you tickle me!
(Don't you love those cheeks...she is really starting to fill out)

A new food group...I wonder if I will like it?

YEOW!!! That is SOUR!!!

Some nice lady had met me earlier in the day and thought I was so cute. Well we ran into her agian later and she had bought me this cute hat!!! She was really nice!

Also not long after this picture some older man died just a few feet from me!!! But with some help of some people around us they were able to bring him back by doing chest compressions and they rushed him off to the hospital!!!! I hope he is ok!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Katelynn at 2 months

This week was a very hard week...I went back to work and it was pretty hard for mommy. Caroline has been a great baby sitter and my mom had her last Friday and will for the next 6 fridays or so.
This weekend Jon and I got up and went to several garage sales and then we went to the park
She was a very happy girl!
Getting my beauty rest while mom and dad get some deal! (For ME!!!)
At 2 months old, sitting in my Bumbo like a big girl!

All pretty in yellow
On my 2 month "b-day"

Such a happy baby girl!

Me and Ducky enjoying my bath time!

My beautiful princess....this dress Mommy wore her first time to church
And it fits me great!

Enjoying tummy time! And holding my head up pretty well!

Just showing my personality!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New best friends

Matching dresses from Ireland a gift from Uncle Brandon
Best Friends or Best enemies~~~only time will tell~~and I am sure it will be a bit of both!

Discovering a new friend

We are family!

A real live baby doll or is she?

Madelynn- "He, he, he"

Katelynn- "Mom, how dare you leave me with her!"

Picture up date

It's been awhile since I have posted so I will try to up date you with alot of pictures....pardon the order of them, my computer is not letting me move them to the order I want and I don't feel like deleting them and the reposting them.

Who needs a mower when we have Madelynn to take care of our weeds.

Yes, go ahead and eat that one too, your mother will thank me later for the extra fiber in your diet!!!

Our happy little mower.
Madelynn Grayce Hilligoss 9 months old

6 weeks old...don't you just love the "happy hair"
(at least that is what Uncle Brandon calls it)

My first time seeing Fireworks on July 3, Mamaw and Papaw thought I might be scared but I was a BIG girl and ate almost the whole time they were going off in Papaw's car. I did jump a bit at the Grand Fanale and when Papaw set off alot of loud Poppers.

Enjoying the 4th of July at the Lavy's with my cuz Maddie and my Nana!

Mama's little angel

Mommy and Daddy's precious gift!
(Thanks cuz Courtney for taking my pictures for me you did a great job!!!)
Stealing time with Papaw

Ok, Maddie if you don't get your hand off my throat I am going to beat you up when I get big!

BIG feet for such a little girl

Finally getting time with Uncle Brandon after him being gone all summer

Yes, I have a beautiful smile!