Tuesday, June 01, 2010

1st birthday celebration!

Let me start by saying...."Stay Tuned for Pictures from the actual Birthday party" I had a friend come and take pictures for me so I could actually just relax and enjoy the party..so I am to get them on Sunday...and they will be posted soon after.

She crashed for about 2 hrs after the party! She did well at the party only a few melt downs!
Mommy deciced after she got up that she wanted to do something special just for US...so we choose>>>>>>>>

One little happy birthday girl....has no idea what is in store for her.

Anxiously sitting at the table waiting for our pizza.

Yea!!! TOKENS!!!!

First time eating pizza all by herself.
(mommy and daddy decided next time we are going to buy store bought pizza our going to Pizza Hut for supper first then coming here to play games...due to the bad tasting pizza and HORRIBLE breadsticks....I should of stuck to the salad bar, would have been better for my diet not to mention alot tastier! LOL)

First ride of the night

Letting Daddy know she is having a great time!

LOOK out ya'll in 15 years!

She looks far to happy at the prospect of being able to drive!

Ladder 49's cutest fire "women"

Riding the school bus, but she wasn't to sure about Chucky Cheese that kept talking in the back seat.

One last sugar rush before the birthday is over....we'll catch up on the health food tomorrow.

Sharing ice cream with daddy...and it was low Sugar ice cream too. And we used a coupon so we got both of our ice creams for $5!!!! YEA!!!

She LOVES ice cream!!!

A very Happy Birthday girl! I am so happy we could make a party day all day long! Not sure who had more fun...us or her???

Sunday night we headed to Uncle Steve's to celebrate Memorial day
We took her new bike that she got from Uncle Steve and Devan and Devan helped her play with it...by trying to get her to come to him! Devan loves playing with Katelynn even though He does get bored at moments....I think he really adores her. And she likes him too!

I think she likes her new bike!
She's my little cheeser!

And her gift from Daddy and Mommy...she enjoyed Mamaw's swing so much that we got one for her at our house...we don't have a tree..but our porch is open on one end so we will put it up there and she can swing to her hearts content!

Completely enjoying Uncle Steve's pool....she loves the water!

DEVAN does too! He is growing up so fast...he is a big 8 now and turning into a nice young boy!

Splish- Splash!

All her money she's been saving up...will be heading to the bank in a few days to make a deposit! College or New Car here I come!!!!

Look folks, I am walking now!!! Not realy steady yet...but getting there!

That's all folks
SEE YA!!!!

Yes, I know my PJ's are too big! It makes me feel smaller! LOL