Sunday, February 13, 2011

Canister Makeover

So another Apple makeover project....I was pretty excited about this one.
When I first got married I was SO EXCITED about these canisters.  They were from "Home and Garden" another company like "Home Interior"  I loved them...and they were a bit expensive but between my husband and his parents they got them for me, the Christmas after we were engaged or as a shower gift?  I Can't remember.
ANYHOW, I didn't just want to pile them in a garage sale and get NOTHING for I needed them for decor.  I use one for sugar, but it stays in my cabinet. So, I started hashing out in my brain projects I had seen on different blogs and what I could do to make them over and use them in my decorating.
First off they were a glazed pottery so I knew just taking regular paint or my "go-to spray paint" would not stick.  So I found out I needed to prime them first.

 Primed and ready for paint
 So I found 2 colors that went great with my decor!  I was THRILLED!!!!
Bauhaus Gold and Burgundy.
It's not the greatest spray paint job. But it's ok for me...adds texture!
For the star I took a stencil and a sponge brush. 
Then sprayed some paint on to a Styrofoam plate. (wrong move! it ate the plate up! LOL!!! Some of the sticky, stringy plate is on the star..but again it added texture and you can't tell...just looks like I have meant for it to look that way! So a mistake turned out to be a good thing and gave me the look I was going for anyhow.)  I am going to try and work on the spot that I smudged above the star.  Not sure if it an be fixed or not

Then I took some black paint and a sponge brush and sponge painted the rim of each pot. I like how it turned out.  I didn't show the yellow pot..but they all turned out great.  Once everything is done I will try to get better pics of it all.
But for now I am loving my new pots!!!

 I have to include a picture of my little girl...who is quickly growing up.
This is her first dress that she has a doll dress to match.  She got it for Christmas..but it's almost to small..not sure if she will get to wear it again.  So I HAD to get a picture of her and her dolly matching.
 Yes, I am one of those crazy mom's that husbands put up with when we try to make sure our family matches or at least coordinates when going to church.  SO GLAD my husband goes along with my fact sometimes he even asks what color Katelynn and I are wearing so he can match us!  (GOTTA LOVE THAT GUY!!!)
 A cheerful little girl and her daddy. 
Love the curlers!!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Katelynn Review

 Katelynn Nicole Thompson
20 months
31 lbs (approx)
32 1/4 in (approx)
In the 90% for height and weight
Size 2T-3T roughly  (some 24 month stuff will fit her.)
Food: Loves peas, carrots, grapes, apples, fruit snacks, pretzels, Ice cream, and cheese, candy
Dislikes: I wouldn't say she Dislikes meat...but she would prefer veggies and fruit over her meat
Fav toys: Bubbles (her stuffed monkey), her tea pot, Noah ark set, grocery cart, camera, her watch, most of her stuffed animals and baby dolls.

Fav games:  Rolling ball, doing puzzles
Fav songs and Movies: "Fingers" song from "The Wiggles", "I love you to the moon"  sung and wrote by Mommy. :)
Loves helping out with Laundry and dishes.
Has Great manners...says Please and Thank You alot!!!  We are so proud of her!
Can point out almost every body part...including her collar bone, chin, arm, neck, back, and wrist
Can do several simple puzzles all on her own.
EEEEE  UU!!  Aka- Love you!

Funny words
 Eye= yes
doe toe= Pluto (Disney's dog)
Doofy= Goofy
Wee wee- Wiggles movie
Pez zels = Pretzels
Bay kit= Blanket
Ni Ni= Night night

She gives hugs so much now...and bunches of kisses!!
More of a Mommy's girl right now..but sometimes when she is hurt she does want daddy to kiss it!