Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Happenings

Awful again...what can I say I have good beginnings but kind of flicker out. That is not my intention...but seems how my life goes. Trying to work on that "bad" thing in my life.

But anyhow here we are....parenting is going better only one more broken "expensive" item. So let's hope that is all the broken items we have for awhile.

We have had a tea party which was so fun. I was given by my grandma, whom I called Nanny, a pretty tea set. It actually has no cups and saucers...just the tea pot, sugar dish, one other little dish that I don't know what it is for and creamer. So Katelynn and I used coffee cups and saucers. (I have since bought one tea cup and saucer at a garage sale and am on the look out for a few more) We had water and gummy life savers, and Dove chocolate. I pulled out my table cloth and a cute vase with flowers and had her put her feather hat on from Nana and Papaw...and mommy had a fuzzy pink bucket hat. ( since she thought I needed a hat too.)

*even though this gift was Never really asked for and when opened thought "why in the world did Nanny get me this?" Maybe God knew I could share a little bit of her (my grandma) with her GREAT-granddaughter whom she would never meet on this earth....either way I am thankful for this gift NOW more than ever!!!*

Miss. Katelynn ready for "tea time"

*Notice the pinkie finger *

We also made some yummy apple cream cheese muffins and shared them at the bored meeting that night.

Then Friday came (Oct 14).....honestly I was dreading it. Katelynn was having her first sleepover at Map's house...just because. I knew I needed the break...but I was having a rough time knowing she was going to be gone for about 24 hrs. I know I am crazy...but it's honestly how I feel.

  So Pap-pap ( Jonathan's dad) came and picked her up about 3:30. I quickly left the house due to not wanting to be lonely. I went to my favorite scrapbook store and used some coupons and enjoyed some shopping without having to say,"Katelynn come to mommy." "No, don't touch that". It was kind of nice. Finally went home...and planned on scrapbooking. But all energy left me and overwhelming loneliness set in. I was almost angry at my self. Jonathan called later and I told him to hurry home I needed someone in the house I was to sad. I knew we were going to dinner for a nice date but had asked no questions due to LOVING surprises. He came in the living room and told me to pack my bags. We headed downtown to Weber Grill. Dinner was so yummy, I had a delicious steak and yummy mashed potatoes (which is HIGH on my crave list) and Jonathan had combo plate of pulled pork and ribs. ( I think). We were to full for dessert so we headed outside were we had to wait for our carriage ride.

*pictures courtesy of yellow rose carriages and Weber Grill

 I felt like we had been rushed back to our dating days. We some how had signed up for the long ride...which was a bit more money than we planned...but went for it. It was cold but we had a big blanket and enjoyed cuddling as we watched the city and just talked and talked...ok and maybe kissed too.

Then we went to the motel (ok so that did not remind me of dating but did remind me of pre-kid days.) Jonathan got a beautiful room overlooking the city at the J.W. Marriott for a really good deal. We got a delicious cookie Sunday from the bar downstairs ( which was the only thing opened that late) and enjoyed it in our room. It was a wonderful evening and the best date ever!!!! He out did himself!!!

*picture courtesy of J.W. Marriott

 We had only had one real date since Katelynn was born so we deserved it. I told him I want one more date before this new baby is born.
The next morning we woke in time to see the last part of the sunrise across the city....just awesome from the 15th floor with floor to ceiling windows. After we got home I left and went to a small massage place that Jonathan had gotten me a gift card for LAST Christmas. I had been listening to some Christian music in the car and had just WISHED I could listen to that kind of music during my massage. When I got back to the room she turned on the music guessed it!!!! Needless to say as got ready and crawled under the blanket on the table I was in tears!!!!! I told her she had NO IDEA what a blessing it was! The massage was awesome...and she talked of Jesus the whole time. She even prayed with me at the end and blessed me and the baby. Sounds crazy to some...but she was what I needed. Needless to say the pregnant lady was on hormone OVERDRIVE!!! Lots of tears all the way home. And trying to explain to hubby..he was trying not to laugh so than I got so tickled. I was a mess!!!! I was never more ready to go get my baby girl that late afternoon!!!

Oct 17 (Monday) we went to Mansfield to the cover bridge festival. We went with mom and dad and had a blast. It was cold to start but warmed up. We got lots of good deals and got some Christmas stuff too! We ended our time at MayberryGriffeth stuff...including the old police car out front.

We ended the week with a Be-lated birthday celebration at Don-Pablos with Phil and Jenn Alexander and Nathan and Leah Randall. We were there for a LONG time than Jenn invited us to their house...we had a wonderful evening that ended way to late!!!! Katelynn fell asleep on her big foot stool with a fuzzy blanket and her feet hanging off the end. She was such a good girl for such a adult evening!!!

So there you are caught up!!! Maybe next week I will keep on top of this...but do not hold your breath!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School of Hard knocks AKA PARENTING!!!

So ok my blogging everyday is not exactly working out how I wanted it too!  But I guess that is ok...not that blogging IS MOST important...but it is fun.  Although my husband thinks I am a crazy nut job for blogging things about our life.  And probably hides his embarrassment from things I post! :) But there have been many a post I DIDN'T let you in on because he left the room shaking his head after seeing my ready-to-be-sent-out -to-the-wide-world-of-web post.  Gotta help a guy out sometimes.

Well my past week (AND THIS WEEK) I feel like I have been in the "School of Hard Knocks"  AKA:PARENTING!!!
It's been a bit of a trying week.   Not that she has been just TOTALLY disobedient...just REALLY testing the waters.
She has successfully ruined one of our more expensive household items.  Not really on purpose..but did disobey mommy in the process thus ruining "said" item.  So after a spanking and sitting in time out for a considerable amount of time.  I sat down and talked to her about what happened going thru each step making sure she understood why she was in trouble and why mommy was so upset.  Then I asked her "Why did you do that?"  and this was her response....(Skip forward to 4:29)

And she was DEAD SERIOUS singing the first part of that song in her little sing-song voice.
I had to snort away a laughter!!  (DISCLAIMER: Please do not mention the song to her or this incident with her around as I do not want to encourage her!)  But it was not the response I had expected let me tell you!

Well Saturday I turned 30!!!!  YIKES!  Was really not ready for that.  But all in all it was a good day.  We got up and went to Riley Days in Greenfield.  It was a chilly start but got warm as the day went on.  Didn't buy much, but got my eye on several things I would like for the house and went home to decide where I can put them to justify buying them when we go to COVERED BRIDGE FESTIVAL next week. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!   After going home for about an hour nap we headed out to Chilis to meet my in-laws for supper.  I really enjoyed the chips and salsa!!!!  Then off to the mall and did some shopping mainly for clothes for Katelynn, but we passed those wonderful Chinese massage guys in the mall.  And Jonathan asked if I wanted one.   Normally I would have passed it up...but IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY....and I have been having bad back, hip, shoulder and just overall ache everywhere it I took him up on the offer and did a chair massage. (after informing them I was pregnant)
It felt wonderful...Katelynn asked me if I was "Broke?"  Since Daddy told her I was and the man was fixing me!  LOL  *I am excited because I get another massage this Saturday with a gift card I got for Christmas LAST YEAR!!!*  I have NO PICTURES of my birthday weekend due to both cameras were dead and I forgot to charge them...but I did get some of Katelynn modeling one of our purchases that we promised her if we could find one her size....since she loves Mommy's.


Here is my gift from my hubby and Katelynn and also any cash I got for my birthday went towards this too.  It's a cricut.  To all my "Fellow Scrappers" you know what it is.  It is a awesome cutting machine will cut letters, shapes and about anything with the correct programed cartridge. (that's the money maker there since each cartridge cost about $40!  But it comes with 2 that are nice and very user friendly...but when BLACK FRIDAY comes I will have my eyes peeled for deals!)
Got a very cool watch and maternity top from my Mamma and Dad
2 very pretty tops from my In-laws
Money from a dear friend
and a Mini-doughnut pan and Doughnut mix from another friend.

Have had a blessed 30 years.....Praying God gives me more....would love 30 more...but if this world stays the way it is....HEAVEN IS THE BEST ALTERNATIVE!!!!  But don't get me wrong I am loving life!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Catching up from this week!

SOOOO----this week has been a lazy, crazy, tired, do nothing but get the NORMAL stuff done, PREGNANT type of week!  SO that meant BLOGGING was of Non-importance.  But I missed it so I thought I would get on here and update you of my weekend past.  
Old Fashion day was WONDERFUL.  It was a very cold morning and we bundled up but enjoyed all of it.  Katelynn liked looking at all the animals, but TOUCHING them was OUT OF THE QUESTION.  She is doing better about reaching out and patting animals but still so scared, but LOVES to watch them.

Then she got to enjoy the "BOUNCE MAZE" (for lack of a better word) via her "Aunt-to-be" Heather and her Lovable Uncle "B".   Mommy got some good laughs as they lugged her through all of it.  (Hey I have had my share of Lugging on such a thing at Monkey Joe' all of it, but it is a work out!!!)

 Aunt Heather helping her through
 And here comes Heather....gotta love the excuse to be a "KID" again!!!

 Uncle "B's" turn

 Climbing up, up and up

 Finally Make it!!!

 One happy little girl!!!

 Uncle "B" goes down too!

 Trying for a pretty fall picture

 Her attempt to smile "PRETTY"  (we are going to have to work on that grin!)
 A little better smile! *she saw Aunt Heather*


Since mom and dad are not going to be with my brother and I on our upcoming birthday's we celebrated at Lunch time.  Hard to believe I turn 30 this year!!!!  My brother will be 27.  He was a wonderful (Day late) birthday present to me on my 3rd birthday.  Oct 8 is mine and Oct 9 is Brandon's!

Grandma "H" (as Katelynn calls her) got to join us.  We were so happy to have her!!!

Then it was off to Covington to celebrate a certain special little girl named MADELYNN GRAYCE's 3rd birthday!  We were so happy to get to be there!!!!  And She was so excited that Katelynn was there.  They don't get alot of time together...but LOVE BEING TOGETHER!!!!

 Not sure what all was going on here....but Maddie was "FEEDING"  Katelynn.

 Showing some cousin love

 GIFT TIME!!!  Maddie got a lot of cool stuff...and Katelynn did pretty well not taking it all.  But remember she is 2 so we had our moments!

This little girl never ceases to make me smile!  She got into the "Pap-stick"  (Chapstick) and had it smeared ALL OVER HER FACE!!!!

Here I am at about 8 1/2 weeks, still no official due date per the doctor, but my calculations is
MAY 11, 2012
Feeling pretty good, pretty queasy most days and a decent amount of back and hip pain....but it's all good!  I hope for a girl.  I never had a sister growing up, so I would LOVE to raise sisters!  Plus all the cute clothes that I have in the attic I am dying to see again and buy matching ones for the girls.  BUT WHATEVER THE LORD GIVES ME I WILL BE HAPPY WITH!!!
We go to hear the HEART BEAT Nov 3rd, pretty excited about that. 
 So here we are at the end....nothing to interesting about this blog other than the pictures.  Figured I would keep it brief this time.  :) 
See ya next time!