Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School of Hard knocks AKA PARENTING!!!

So ok my blogging everyday is not exactly working out how I wanted it too!  But I guess that is ok...not that blogging IS MOST important...but it is fun.  Although my husband thinks I am a crazy nut job for blogging things about our life.  And probably hides his embarrassment from things I post! :) But there have been many a post I DIDN'T let you in on because he left the room shaking his head after seeing my ready-to-be-sent-out -to-the-wide-world-of-web post.  Gotta help a guy out sometimes.

Well my past week (AND THIS WEEK) I feel like I have been in the "School of Hard Knocks"  AKA:PARENTING!!!
It's been a bit of a trying week.   Not that she has been just TOTALLY disobedient...just REALLY testing the waters.
She has successfully ruined one of our more expensive household items.  Not really on purpose..but did disobey mommy in the process thus ruining "said" item.  So after a spanking and sitting in time out for a considerable amount of time.  I sat down and talked to her about what happened going thru each step making sure she understood why she was in trouble and why mommy was so upset.  Then I asked her "Why did you do that?"  and this was her response....(Skip forward to 4:29)

And she was DEAD SERIOUS singing the first part of that song in her little sing-song voice.
I had to snort away a laughter!!  (DISCLAIMER: Please do not mention the song to her or this incident with her around as I do not want to encourage her!)  But it was not the response I had expected let me tell you!

Well Saturday I turned 30!!!!  YIKES!  Was really not ready for that.  But all in all it was a good day.  We got up and went to Riley Days in Greenfield.  It was a chilly start but got warm as the day went on.  Didn't buy much, but got my eye on several things I would like for the house and went home to decide where I can put them to justify buying them when we go to COVERED BRIDGE FESTIVAL next week. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!   After going home for about an hour nap we headed out to Chilis to meet my in-laws for supper.  I really enjoyed the chips and salsa!!!!  Then off to the mall and did some shopping mainly for clothes for Katelynn, but we passed those wonderful Chinese massage guys in the mall.  And Jonathan asked if I wanted one.   Normally I would have passed it up...but IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY....and I have been having bad back, hip, shoulder and just overall ache everywhere it I took him up on the offer and did a chair massage. (after informing them I was pregnant)
It felt wonderful...Katelynn asked me if I was "Broke?"  Since Daddy told her I was and the man was fixing me!  LOL  *I am excited because I get another massage this Saturday with a gift card I got for Christmas LAST YEAR!!!*  I have NO PICTURES of my birthday weekend due to both cameras were dead and I forgot to charge them...but I did get some of Katelynn modeling one of our purchases that we promised her if we could find one her size....since she loves Mommy's.


Here is my gift from my hubby and Katelynn and also any cash I got for my birthday went towards this too.  It's a cricut.  To all my "Fellow Scrappers" you know what it is.  It is a awesome cutting machine will cut letters, shapes and about anything with the correct programed cartridge. (that's the money maker there since each cartridge cost about $40!  But it comes with 2 that are nice and very user friendly...but when BLACK FRIDAY comes I will have my eyes peeled for deals!)
Got a very cool watch and maternity top from my Mamma and Dad
2 very pretty tops from my In-laws
Money from a dear friend
and a Mini-doughnut pan and Doughnut mix from another friend.

Have had a blessed 30 years.....Praying God gives me more....would love 30 more...but if this world stays the way it is....HEAVEN IS THE BEST ALTERNATIVE!!!!  But don't get me wrong I am loving life!


Leah said...

Sounds like you had a busy bday!! Happy 30th, by the way. We were out of town (again) and I didn't get a bday message to you! Hope you love your cricut. I talked Mom into getting one a year or so back but have never worked with her creating any great projects from it.

Jen Alexander said...

Glad you had a fun birthday weekend! Glad we get to celebrate it soon! Katelynn is just getting more adorable all the time.