Thursday, October 06, 2011

Catching up from this week!

SOOOO----this week has been a lazy, crazy, tired, do nothing but get the NORMAL stuff done, PREGNANT type of week!  SO that meant BLOGGING was of Non-importance.  But I missed it so I thought I would get on here and update you of my weekend past.  
Old Fashion day was WONDERFUL.  It was a very cold morning and we bundled up but enjoyed all of it.  Katelynn liked looking at all the animals, but TOUCHING them was OUT OF THE QUESTION.  She is doing better about reaching out and patting animals but still so scared, but LOVES to watch them.

Then she got to enjoy the "BOUNCE MAZE" (for lack of a better word) via her "Aunt-to-be" Heather and her Lovable Uncle "B".   Mommy got some good laughs as they lugged her through all of it.  (Hey I have had my share of Lugging on such a thing at Monkey Joe' all of it, but it is a work out!!!)

 Aunt Heather helping her through
 And here comes Heather....gotta love the excuse to be a "KID" again!!!

 Uncle "B's" turn

 Climbing up, up and up

 Finally Make it!!!

 One happy little girl!!!

 Uncle "B" goes down too!

 Trying for a pretty fall picture

 Her attempt to smile "PRETTY"  (we are going to have to work on that grin!)
 A little better smile! *she saw Aunt Heather*


Since mom and dad are not going to be with my brother and I on our upcoming birthday's we celebrated at Lunch time.  Hard to believe I turn 30 this year!!!!  My brother will be 27.  He was a wonderful (Day late) birthday present to me on my 3rd birthday.  Oct 8 is mine and Oct 9 is Brandon's!

Grandma "H" (as Katelynn calls her) got to join us.  We were so happy to have her!!!

Then it was off to Covington to celebrate a certain special little girl named MADELYNN GRAYCE's 3rd birthday!  We were so happy to get to be there!!!!  And She was so excited that Katelynn was there.  They don't get alot of time together...but LOVE BEING TOGETHER!!!!

 Not sure what all was going on here....but Maddie was "FEEDING"  Katelynn.

 Showing some cousin love

 GIFT TIME!!!  Maddie got a lot of cool stuff...and Katelynn did pretty well not taking it all.  But remember she is 2 so we had our moments!

This little girl never ceases to make me smile!  She got into the "Pap-stick"  (Chapstick) and had it smeared ALL OVER HER FACE!!!!

Here I am at about 8 1/2 weeks, still no official due date per the doctor, but my calculations is
MAY 11, 2012
Feeling pretty good, pretty queasy most days and a decent amount of back and hip pain....but it's all good!  I hope for a girl.  I never had a sister growing up, so I would LOVE to raise sisters!  Plus all the cute clothes that I have in the attic I am dying to see again and buy matching ones for the girls.  BUT WHATEVER THE LORD GIVES ME I WILL BE HAPPY WITH!!!
We go to hear the HEART BEAT Nov 3rd, pretty excited about that. 
 So here we are at the end....nothing to interesting about this blog other than the pictures.  Figured I would keep it brief this time.  :) 
See ya next time!


Brenda said...

Enjoyed your pictures! Wish we could have been at Old Fash. Day. Happy early birthday! Clayton has requested a "hot air balloon cake"? Do you still get requests at 30? :-)

Sharra said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Your little girls is a cutie. I'm sure she is going to be a great, big sister.

Jen Alexander said...

Enjoyed your pictures and updates! Wish I could have seen you more at Old Fashion Day, but looking forward to getting together soon! Happy 30th Birthday! Can't believe we are getting this "old." :)