Friday, September 30, 2011

On my table

As an update from last "Feed me Friday"" my pizza dip was a major hit!  I broiled up some french bread that I found at Wal-mart in the large loaf style in the bakery (it was about to expire but I was using it in 2 days so I didn't care and plus I got like 25 to 30 cents off! )  I cut the bread into bite size pieces and broiled it for just a couple minutes to crisp it up and it was yummy!  (I did double the recipe due to my pie plate being a bit deep and I am glad I did...they scraped it clean!)

SO this coming week I am trying something new again.  My poor hubby does not care for just plain roast, so I thought I would use a recipe I found on Food Networks "Sandwich King" called Chicago Italian Beef (Pot Roast Style) (Just click on title to go to his site and see his Recipe.)  It looks really yummy.  I am going to omit the Dry red wine, since I am still a new at this and I might use my Red wine Vinegar???  (GOOD IDEA OR NOT???  Please comment if you know?)  and I did not get some Thyme.  Also I hate Green peppers so I am going to use Yellow and Red instead.

Also the Homemade Hot Giardiniera he talks about I am going to omit...not a big one on REALLY spicy stuff right now.  SO if I want some kick I MIGHT add some salsa or something.   All in all it sounds like your basic "French Dip" sandwich.  But I am excited to try something different with Roast, and try to impress the Hubby with it.  (PLEASE NOTE:  My husband is NOT, I repeat NOT a picky eater and will eat most anything I cook.)    Will let you know how it goes!


Angie Davis said...

Oh, my DEAR girl! Do not substitute the red wine vinegar. I did that with chicken when we were first married and it practically pickled it. (It's a story Arvel still loves to tell.)

You can sometimes find red wine cooking essence (which tastes like it), or you can buy the cooking wine in the baking section, but red wine vinegar is quite different.