Saturday, September 17, 2011

My plan

Ok, I love plans and I love lists. So here is my plan for this is not totally original. I got the idea from Natalie Herring. (for those that read her blog will understand)

So I plan to try and post at least something small daily during the week. Sat and Sunday are my days totally devoted to family.

Mommy Memory Mondays-- Will recount most of my memories of the previous week.

Tickle Me Tuesday--funny antics of Katelynn or funny things I have seen or heard lately

Worship Wednesday--inspirational posts

This and that Thursday--Just posting whatever I want

Feed me Friday--tasty treats and savory dishes I want to share

Now, I may not post every day so do not hold me to it....but I have a plan!


Jen Alexander said...

This sounds fun! I'm looking forward to your new plan...and won't hold you to it! :) Have a fabulous week!