Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is that my child????

Last Wednesday night was our monthly board meeting.  The last couple meetings we have been having them at the parsonage around their dinner table.  Lot more comfortable.  Plus it gives Katelynn a bit more play room that I can watch  her better, since both her daddy and I are on the board.  Well, I saw her dissappear and could hear her in the bathroom then a few moment later here came MY LITTLE girl streaking into the dinning room with ONLY HER SHIRT ON!!!!!  I was so embarassed yet I couldn't hold back a laugh.  I figure I better laugh then be upset.  Her Daddy scooped her up and headed back to the bathroom only to come back in the room and inform me I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF HER!   She had made a nice deposit all on her own which this "potty-training Mommy" was quite proud of!  (Even at the expense of my embarassement of a daughter running bare bummed from the bathroom!)  Sometimes I wonder if she is my child!  LOL

Another Funny thing recently is her daddy and her went on a lunch date to Denny's to give mommy some time with a friend.  Well the potty issue came up and Daddy being the only one there had to take her.  Well, I have been teaching her the difference between the boy and girl bathrooms and how to look at the pictures and tell which one is the girls.  SHe was VERY UPSET that she had to go into the boys and started pouting and crying that she was NOT to be in the boys bathroom!  (HA, HA!!!  Gotta love it when training come back to bite you sometimes!)

Funny words from Katelynn:

Juice-------Penguins  (Not sure how that one came about??)

Ready for a wedding shower with mommy, Gotta love the monkey purse!

Katelynn and her cousin Devan at a Red's game in August

She has finally learned to sing Deep and WIde the correct way.  For awhile she had been singing it "Deep and Phil"  (???? I told her, her S.S. teacher (whos husband is named Phil) must be talking about her hubby to much in class!)


Leah said...

Love the stories! Keep 'em coming! :)