Monday, September 26, 2011

Mommy's Memories for the week

Another full week has passed. I have to say it was a bit of a rough one for me. Seems that pregnancy has hit me full force. I was extremely queasy last week thus aided me in losing about 4lbs last week. (I was hoping for some weight loss at the beginning since last time I lost about 16lbs) I also started my last part of the week sleeping part of my nights in our big recliner due to upper back pain and hip pain. Thankfully I found out I have chiropractic coverage so in about a week hope to get an adjustment per the ok of my OBGYN.

OK enough about me!!!! Last Tuesday was Katelynn's big doctor appointment. She was pretty excited but wanted to take her monkey "Bubbles". Which means she is sometimes nervous. We love our doctor she is awesome. The wait is sometimes a little long BUT it's because she takes PERSONAL time with her patients.

(gotta love the one sock on!!)
Katelynn's stats

Weight  34 lbs
Height. 36.75 in

In the 98% for her age.

She was such a big girl about shots. I choose to tell her after we were in the room and waiting. Told her the nurse was going to give her 2 shots that would feel like big pinches. Then we would leave and go to McDonald and get ice cream. The first one was ok...she just kept saying Ouch!!! And had a big pouchy lip trying not to cry. The 2nd one she tried hard to be brave but than burst out crying. I felt awful. But quickly told her she was all done and she had been SO BRAVE and such a BIG GIRL!!!!!

Wednesdays are our library day.  Our Library has a little train car in the front of the childrens section.

She loves it. It even has a phone in it that you can listen to a story (when it's working) Also in the kids area is a LEGO table and a Kitchen, Lots of puzzles, kids computers (that she is dying to learn to use.) and stuffed animals and LOTS of GREAT books. Here are some pictures of the last couple weeks trips. Sorry I did not get any with her ACTUAL books, but she does come home with alot and LOVES to read and look at them.

So to wrap up our week we did a craft and had a snack in Jr. Church.  We did a one month theme and I used the WORDLESS BOOK.  I got the bright idea to make wordless book cupcakes.  SO I took 2 cake mixes and divided them out and used food coloring to dye 3 colors red (blood of Jesus), Green (living forever), and yellow (Heaven)....then iced with White frosting (our hearts free from sin) and used Chocolate sprinkles (For our hearts black with sin.)   The kids loved them...and Katelynn enjoyed helping with the sprinkles and sampling them.  *we also made felt wordless books*

Mommy's wonderful helper!!!

So there you have it another week in review in the Thompson household!  Hope this doesn't bore you...but I am having fun blogging more!


Constance said...

I have had the same kind of pain during this pregnancy and it's been terrible. Ask your obgyn about a manipulator. My obgyn has one that works in her office and works with alot of pg women. It's way better than a chiropractor. just a thought

Jen Alexander said...

Sorry you've been more nauseous and in pain. Hope it goes away soon! Katelynn is growing up so fast! She's a cutie. Glad her shots went pretty well. Have a great week!