Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another weekend

We decided last minute to make a trip to Dayton, Oh to go to the Air force museum. We made a breakfast stop at Boyden's bakery where we ate our "to die for" doughnuts. If any of you come to our house we have got to take you there. They are the best cream filled doughnuts in the world. Then we headed on our way....and then with another potty stop for "the mother of Willis" (Read previous blog) the boys suprised us with buying "cowboy hats" (which thru out the rest of the trip they continued to embarass Caroline and me) Funny thing....we got thru one hanger at the museum and "Mama" decided she was hungry along with the boys. So we left and went to McDonalds and then we voted on wether or not to go back. We decided to go shopping. We went to Baby's R Us and to Dayton Mall. There was a great country store that I LOVED!!!! Then as we headed home we stopped at the grave yard where my grandparents are buried and left some flowers. I miss them really bad at times...but I am so glad that they are happy in heaven. Then as we headed home we saw an awful accident. Someone was probably very hurt, it looked like they had rolled the car. We took a moment to say a prayer for them..... and to thank God for His protection on us. It was a wonderful weekend and we plan on going back to maybe get thru the rest of the museum. ( I was really upset that I bearly got any pics of us but tons of just what we did. Guess I need to learn how to be a better photographer.)

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Happy b-day Phil

July 20-Friday eveing I made my way to Noblesville and helped celebrate Phil Alexanders birthday. We went to the 4-H fair. It was great and lots of memories there from when I was a kid. It was a beautiful evening and the chocolate shakes were delicious!!!! I also got to meet Ben and Tanessa Randall's new little one...Kaylie Erica Randall. She is really a cutie....and her big sister Emma is really growing fast and totaly loves her Uncle Na-Na (Nathan) she also really loved the animals.

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Fun with friends and Congrads to "Willis"

Jonathan and Caroline Robbins have become wonderful friends to Jonathan and I. We Had a wonderful weekend with them July 13 and 14. Caroline helped me get my baking stuff togather for the bakesale...and then we played my latest obsession "Nancy Drew mystrey game" on the computer. The stayed until an Truly un-godly hour. Then on saturday after the bakesale and carwash we met up with them again along with Caroline's sister Jenny. We had a great evening togather.

In other news!!!! I am excited that at the end of Jan. Caroline and Jonathan are going to have a little bundle of joy!!!! They are so excited and I am excited that I am going to get to be apart of this little one's life. Jonathan (My husband. Yes it does get confusing having 2 Jonathans togather.) has named the baby Willis, and it has just stuck. So Lord, Please keep Caroline and Willis Healthy and safe....and we are so looking forward to meeting you, Willis.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Even more pics of carwash

LUNCH!!!! (Thanks Becky Whitemer for going and getting it for us!!)


A teen girl that we met. I can't remember her name but she seemed to like to talk to us.

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The power washer ran out of gas. (Thanks to Jon Brown for the rental fee!!!)

Our wonderful director: Krista Mitchel Crabtree

Shelly hard at work

The Crew

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These girls got us lots of "dirty" cars to wash. Only Shelly Weaver can give a sales pitch for a car wash .

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Outlook makeover bakesale and carwash

This post along with the next few will have pictures of our bake sale and carwash for "Outlook Makeover". God gave us a beautiful day and we were able to make a little over $500. (I think that was the final total) We had a lot of fun...and I know I got lots of sun. Please keep our ministry in your prayers. We need God's help as we try to help mentor other young girls. Pray that we are keen to what God would want us to do.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Belated july 4th activities

We had a wonderful July 4th week(end). I know, I am late at posting, but anyhow here is a bit of our weekend. July 3rd Jonathans parents and brother and nephew came to our house. we had a cook out and we then headed to Beech Grove to watch fireworks. Devan entertained us all with Sparklers. Then when we got home we sat off our own firework show with the fire works that Jonathan and Steve bought. They were great.
Then Early the next morning we headed to Greenville, Oh. To the Lavy's. We played and "INTENSE" game of Married couples VS. ALL SINGLES. It was great...here is the run down. Game one Married win. Game 2 Singles win. Game 3 singles win. Game 4 Married win. Game 5..........score is 8 to 0 in favor of Singles, then a turn for the better......MARRIED WINS!!!!
Then we can't forget about the 4-wheelers. I had not ridden and we were ready to leave so I took off will Ally at the wheel and me in tow. We were fine other then me being nervous that I was the heavy one and riding in the back.....and on the way back we had just gone down a little hill and either she shifted gears or just started to gun it I lost my balance and started to fall backwards. Well as i went back I tightened my grip on her waist and she came with me as well as holding onto the steering wheel so the whole front of the 4 wheeler came off the ground. (slightly) Needles to say after 2 screams there was alot of laughter!!!! (Thank God we were ok)
July 7- (Saturday) We had the Hilligoss clan over. It was so much fun. I was able to see my cousine (second cousine to be correct) Lilliana Marie Hilligoss. (the poor girl will forever know how to spell her "L's" in her name) I think I held Lily more than anything. She was a doll.
Here are a few pics of the week(end)

This plus another pac were our fireworks

Go Married couples!!!!!
This is me and my trusty driver!

What a cute family!! Danny, Tasha and Lily

Gotta love Lily's expression!! (that is her aunt and my cousine with me)