Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun with friends and Congrads to "Willis"

Jonathan and Caroline Robbins have become wonderful friends to Jonathan and I. We Had a wonderful weekend with them July 13 and 14. Caroline helped me get my baking stuff togather for the bakesale...and then we played my latest obsession "Nancy Drew mystrey game" on the computer. The stayed until an Truly un-godly hour. Then on saturday after the bakesale and carwash we met up with them again along with Caroline's sister Jenny. We had a great evening togather.

In other news!!!! I am excited that at the end of Jan. Caroline and Jonathan are going to have a little bundle of joy!!!! They are so excited and I am excited that I am going to get to be apart of this little one's life. Jonathan (My husband. Yes it does get confusing having 2 Jonathans togather.) has named the baby Willis, and it has just stuck. So Lord, Please keep Caroline and Willis Healthy and safe....and we are so looking forward to meeting you, Willis.

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