Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Belated july 4th activities

We had a wonderful July 4th week(end). I know, I am late at posting, but anyhow here is a bit of our weekend. July 3rd Jonathans parents and brother and nephew came to our house. we had a cook out and we then headed to Beech Grove to watch fireworks. Devan entertained us all with Sparklers. Then when we got home we sat off our own firework show with the fire works that Jonathan and Steve bought. They were great.
Then Early the next morning we headed to Greenville, Oh. To the Lavy's. We played and "INTENSE" game of Married couples VS. ALL SINGLES. It was great...here is the run down. Game one Married win. Game 2 Singles win. Game 3 singles win. Game 4 Married win. Game 5..........score is 8 to 0 in favor of Singles, then a turn for the better......MARRIED WINS!!!!
Then we can't forget about the 4-wheelers. I had not ridden and we were ready to leave so I took off will Ally at the wheel and me in tow. We were fine other then me being nervous that I was the heavy one and riding in the back.....and on the way back we had just gone down a little hill and either she shifted gears or just started to gun it I lost my balance and started to fall backwards. Well as i went back I tightened my grip on her waist and she came with me as well as holding onto the steering wheel so the whole front of the 4 wheeler came off the ground. (slightly) Needles to say after 2 screams there was alot of laughter!!!! (Thank God we were ok)
July 7- (Saturday) We had the Hilligoss clan over. It was so much fun. I was able to see my cousine (second cousine to be correct) Lilliana Marie Hilligoss. (the poor girl will forever know how to spell her "L's" in her name) I think I held Lily more than anything. She was a doll.
Here are a few pics of the week(end)

This plus another pac were our fireworks

Go Married couples!!!!!
This is me and my trusty driver!

What a cute family!! Danny, Tasha and Lily

Gotta love Lily's expression!! (that is her aunt and my cousine with me)


Dani said...

Lol, how did I miss the 4 wheeler incident? I must have still been reeling from my own I enjoy your blog I finally started my own...who knows how long it will last :)