Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another weekend

We decided last minute to make a trip to Dayton, Oh to go to the Air force museum. We made a breakfast stop at Boyden's bakery where we ate our "to die for" doughnuts. If any of you come to our house we have got to take you there. They are the best cream filled doughnuts in the world. Then we headed on our way....and then with another potty stop for "the mother of Willis" (Read previous blog) the boys suprised us with buying "cowboy hats" (which thru out the rest of the trip they continued to embarass Caroline and me) Funny thing....we got thru one hanger at the museum and "Mama" decided she was hungry along with the boys. So we left and went to McDonalds and then we voted on wether or not to go back. We decided to go shopping. We went to Baby's R Us and to Dayton Mall. There was a great country store that I LOVED!!!! Then as we headed home we stopped at the grave yard where my grandparents are buried and left some flowers. I miss them really bad at times...but I am so glad that they are happy in heaven. Then as we headed home we saw an awful accident. Someone was probably very hurt, it looked like they had rolled the car. We took a moment to say a prayer for them..... and to thank God for His protection on us. It was a wonderful weekend and we plan on going back to maybe get thru the rest of the museum. ( I was really upset that I bearly got any pics of us but tons of just what we did. Guess I need to learn how to be a better photographer.)

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Aytha said...

Hey Nelly, It's Aytha! So glad to have found you--enjoyed perusing your blog! Mine is fairly new, and my camera's broken--therefore not very many pics, yet! love ya girlie!