Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Party pictures....FINALLY!!!!

Finally Birthday Pictures!!! My friend Elizabeth Dennis took pictures. (Just as a side note she is starting her own photography "business" called "Agape Photography" She does very well and if you need info, just leave me a note and I will give you a way to contact her to get her prices.)

Well I wanted to add some of my crafty styles to the decor of Katelynn's here are a few of my attmepts to be a crafty mommy.

Castle made out of a Kleneex box and papertowel holders. Thanks to Family Fun Magazine for the idea. (at least I think that's where I got it! LOL)
A new spin on a guest book...Thanks to Creating Keepsakes Magazine

My own creation!


Fun with Papaw Hilligoss

Love my Uncle "B" and his beautiful girlfriend Heather!!

Lots of love from my fun and goofy Uncle Steve...he makes me smile.
*at least most of the time he does*

Mamaw and Papaw lovin'

Birthday Girl....I am 1 !!!!

Mommy's Girl!

One of my Bestest friends

My Cousin Madelynn and I share a passing hand squeeze

And a BIG hug too!!


Mommy's side of the family with Great Grandma Hilligoss

Daddy's side of the family with Great Grandma Brown

Papaw and Mamaw

Happy Birthday to you!


Cake time

Sharing with Mommy





Sorry Katelynn your too late...Petey is taken...Besides, what has mommy told you about giving kisses to boys!!!!

Yummy CAKE!!

Tinkerbell plate set....from Lizzie and Peter

Sharing Cake with a friend

A Book and Jumper from Great Grandma Hilligoss.
(She Loves this book..."How do I love you")

We had a bit of a meltdown during presents...I had to kind of talk to her in the "wonderful Mommy stern voice" then I turned to get another gift for her...when I turned back around she had covered her eyes like she was embarassed! It was to cute. (I did feel a little bad for embarrasing her...but can't have my little girl trying to swipe at her cousin just because he got a little close to her...even if she is the birthday girl.)

More gifts!

Special time with Uncle "B"

Helping my niece Maddie draw a note for Katelynn's scrapbook

Devan helping Katelynn get better at walking.
(She started walking on Monday before her birthday. 6 days before she turned 1!!)

Great Grandma Hilligoss helps out too!

A good buddy!

Happy Birthday baby girl.....I know this post is about a month and a half by know your almost 14 months. I really doesn't seem possible...this time last year I was just getting ready to go back to work and dreading every bit of it. You were so tiny...all legs and arms. Now your such a big girl...with thick chubby legs and strong arms. You love climbing on anything and walking on your own everywhere. I still think my favorite time of day is when I am rocking you to sleep. You are so precious as I watch your eyes drift shut and can feel your little body just totaly relax against me. I can't help by feel so blessed in my heart that you are truly mine! I have dreamed about you for so many years...but never did I expect my heart to be filled with this much love! I mean I know I would love my child...but unless your a parent that has held your sleeping child you can't quite put it into words! Seeing you waddle around our living room, hearing your slap happy giggle about 8:30 everynight when it's getting close to bed time, warms my heart in a way I can't began to explain. And all those open mouth slobbery kisses, snuggles into my neck and pats on my back from you tiny hand I wouldn't trade for anything in this world. It may sound cliche but I think God truly spent a little more time creating you!
Daddy and Mommy love you so much "Dinky" and you are a true joy and blessing to have as OUR daughter!!! XOXOXOXO