Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've been tagged

Ok I've been tagged so here are my 7 things about myself...I better be able to find 7 people that haven't been tagged yet.

1. Archievers, Micheals, and Hobby Lobby are my favorite stores.

2. I love to take pictures and can't wait till I have a kid so I can do little Photo shoots with them

3. I love the smell of the pink and blue soap that is in car washes. :)

4. I like to walk thru graveyards (in the daytime) and read tombstones

5. I am a country girl at heart

6. I am so afraid of crickets and spiders

7. I like to eat raw cookie dough.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My heart longs for revival.

This is our church Central Weleyan Church. Jonathan and I love going to church here. It is not the biggest or the most talanted church. But the people are so loving and have a desire for God prescence and a heart for revival. God has been blessing us. Just recently God has helped a man and women who are seeking to do Gods will, to start bringing in children. With that...we have gone from 2 to 3 in Jr. church to 13!!!!! I am so excited. Caroline Robbins and I have had our hands full with kids but are enjoying every minute of it. Bro. Herring and Jonathan Robbins messages have been stirring. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS HELP!!!! I hope as Christians we are all praying for revival. I have only seen a foretaste of it in my lifetime and my hearts desire is that I see true God sent revival in my lifetime. Oh that I may draw closer to Him and have my heart truly set aflame!!!!

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

We've been to Cannan land!!!

This weekend we decided last minute there was nothing to do in the big city and to head down to Jonathan Robbins parents house. We went to the Canaan festival. (Really it is called Canaan, Indiana...China, Indiana is not very far from there.) It was really cute and so country. I LOVED IT. The country side was beautiful. After we hung out for awhile and ate some good food, the boys took off to visit a friend of Jonathan R. Caroline, Dorine and Paul Robbins (Jonathans mama and Dad) and I decided to walk the mile home in the PITCH BLACK. I think they got a few laughs at my expense, especially when one of the neighbors cattle dogs snuck up behinde me and scared me to death. (Go ahead and laugh Dorine, I know your reading this!!!) I have to say experiencing the country side and Gods wonderful creation was relaxing in such a way that I cant even began to explain. I hate it that I talked so much that I didn't look up and enjoy being able to see so many stars. Although it was pretty cloudy so many stars would probably not have been able to be seen. We enjoyed hearing a "few" stories from "Grandpa". The next morning we had a delicious breakfast of Sausage patties, scrambled eggs and WONDERFUL biscuits. Thank you Jonathan's mom and dad for making my hubby and I feel so welcome in your home, for the wonderful conversation and the delicious food. We look forward to coming back being able to visit again.

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labor day weekend

Friday before memorial day my hubby called me and asked me if I could find someone to cover my hours on Saturday. I called around and found someone and when I called him back Jonathan said, "when you get home pack an overnight bag." Jonathan is king of last minute I didn't ask any questions. Although he did say..." don't ask where we are going because I don't even know." Needless to say I was very excited. When Jonathan got home, he asked me "how does going to Seymour sound?" I was like sure. Whats in Seymour. Well some of the old Tanger outlets where there. I was so happy to get away for the weekend. Jonathan and I really needed it. When we got into Seymour we ate dinner at one of our favorites...Tumbleweed. We stayed the night at an old "Knights Inn." The next morning we ate breakfast...or rather brunch at Steak-n-Shake. Then went on to the outlets. We soon found there were not that many stores. Liz Claiborne was having a big sale I got a cute black skirt that I really like for about $22. Not the greatest deal, considering I am a cheap skate....I don't like spending anything much over $10 or $15 for a skirt. After visiting all of the approx. 10 stores that were open. We headed to go get Ice cream at the Russell Stovers store. The ice cream was delicious...but looking at all that cheap chocolate was even better. The had alot of overstock chocoalte so we "invested" (LOL) in 21lbs of Chocolate bunnies for 75 cents a pound. (I will feeze it and using it in my baking for chocolate coating and even chopping it up and making chocolate chunk cookies.) Then we decided to take the back roads home. It was an incredible ride home. The countryside is beautiful and there were a few garage sales that we stopped at. (we even got a pooh plate for "Jr." Jonathan and Carolines baby. Which by the way THEIR HAVING A BOY!!!!!) Then after that we headed to "Anderson Orchard" and picked some apples. It was alot of fun. We at supper at KFC and then finally got home. We relaxed a little and unpacked and then we decided to go out for dessert at Dennys. Kind of funny about an hour after we left and headed for Shoe Carnival to get me my much needed black tennis shoes to follow our new dress code, well my phone rang and my cousine Regi and her husband wanted to meet up with Jon and I and Justin and Tasha and get ice cream. I had already ate so much I was not about to eat another thing...but was all for meeting up with them. So we did had some fun at DQ then headed to Justin and Tashas house.
Sunday night Regi and Jason ended up at our house and we had some snacks and alot of good conversation. The next morning we were all in high gear getting ready for our respective Labor day celebrations. Jon and I had even enjoyed some of our morning sitting out by our pond and reading the bible and feeding our ducks. Then we headed to My father in laws house and had a great cook out. Even had some great ribs and homemade icecream and stawberry cookie pizza. (and considering our weekend I didn't eat to much other then the cheese and cracker tray My father in law sat out before hand.) After that went back with my brother in law and the boys played on the computer setting up their "fantasy football team" we then decided we were a little hungry so we headed to Texas Roadhouse and got 2 appetizers REALLY HOT wings and cheese fries. The weekend ended with Justin and Tasha dropping by our house with a little gift for Jonathan. They had found some old style coke bottles that had Colts logos all over them. So this very "full" blogger is going to sign off. (I don't think I will eat all week...UGGGG!!!)

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