Sunday, September 09, 2007

We've been to Cannan land!!!

This weekend we decided last minute there was nothing to do in the big city and to head down to Jonathan Robbins parents house. We went to the Canaan festival. (Really it is called Canaan, Indiana...China, Indiana is not very far from there.) It was really cute and so country. I LOVED IT. The country side was beautiful. After we hung out for awhile and ate some good food, the boys took off to visit a friend of Jonathan R. Caroline, Dorine and Paul Robbins (Jonathans mama and Dad) and I decided to walk the mile home in the PITCH BLACK. I think they got a few laughs at my expense, especially when one of the neighbors cattle dogs snuck up behinde me and scared me to death. (Go ahead and laugh Dorine, I know your reading this!!!) I have to say experiencing the country side and Gods wonderful creation was relaxing in such a way that I cant even began to explain. I hate it that I talked so much that I didn't look up and enjoy being able to see so many stars. Although it was pretty cloudy so many stars would probably not have been able to be seen. We enjoyed hearing a "few" stories from "Grandpa". The next morning we had a delicious breakfast of Sausage patties, scrambled eggs and WONDERFUL biscuits. Thank you Jonathan's mom and dad for making my hubby and I feel so welcome in your home, for the wonderful conversation and the delicious food. We look forward to coming back being able to visit again.

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