Monday, June 29, 2009


Outside my window... it is dusk and alot cooler
I am thinking... About my little girl and what was going on a month ago...also that I have a ton of pics to organize and pages I want to scrap
From the learning rooms... have 4 weeks left being home and alot to get done...some decor hung choose, organized, ordered and hung up and scrapbooked.
I am thankful for...time off with my little girl
From the kitchen... we went out tonight...yummy Texas Roadhouse BBQ Chicken, Baked potato, salad, warm rolls with Cinnamon butter
I am wearing... in a jean skirt and a light pink top...I look awful!!!!
I am Bible....that is about the extent of my reading!
I am hoping.... To get scrapbooking done or at least organized tomorrow and take a nice walk with Katelynn in the stroller
I am creating... scrapbook pages in my head and figuring out what pictures I want where
I am praying.... God will continue to help me as I try to be the best wife, mother and homemaker I can be for my family.
Around the house.... Things are a little messy but it's only Monday
One of my favorite things... cuddles and naps with Katelynn..only 4 more weeks f the napping. And hugs from my hubby

One month has just flown by!

One month ago *yesterday*

My little girl now

27 days old
Ok mom, I am over this picture taking!!!!
All better now!!!

3 Generations~ I love my Papaw and Nana This Sunday....looking all pretty in my Sunday bonnet! (Thanks Aunt Rena)

Wearing Big Girl Shoes!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!!

This is Jonathan's first Fathers Day, and I want him to know that Katelynn and I think he is the best new daddy around!!! He is so loveable and caring and concerned and somewhat of a pest too...but that's what daddy's do! He is a big protector and loves to have fun and cuddle his little girl!
Jonathan you will be the first man she ever falls in love with...and she will always be your little girl. I hope this fathers day is just so special for you....we love you bunches!
Daddy's girl
Going on a walk with daddy

Cuddle time

Read me a story daddy! (Don't you love how she really looks like she is listening and watching!)

Daddy got me all nice and clean!

Exploring the outside with my Dad

Enough already!!!! A girl's gotta get her beauty rest!

Daddy sneaking in kisses

A Father's arms are the best place to be!!!!

And just in case you forget Katelynn, Mommy loves you too!!!

Also I don't have an updated picture, But I would like to wish my own Daddy a very happy fathers day!!! I love you very much!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Katelynn's arrival

Well, May 29 started out like any other "doctor appointment day". My appointment was at 10:40 a.m, so I got up and goofed off on the computer a bit and just took my time. It was exciting because it was MY DUE DATE!!! Mom had called me and asked if I was feeling any different or was having any contractions...because she was going to go with dad to GBS to pick up my brother Brandon if all was going well. I told her we had, had a rough night due to Jonathan having a major sinus infection and had gotten sick and when I tried to help I got sick in the process. (joy, joy) So than due to Jonathan hacking and coughing I slept in the other room due so I could get some rest.

Finally, It was time to leave for the doctors office...I was trying not to think about having the baby today because I didn't want to be disappointed. I have been writing letters in a journal to Katelynn all during the pregnancy so I had started a letter to her while I sat in the car for the last few minutes. After going in and waiting on the doctor I had my BP checked and when the nurse didn't confirm whether it was a good reading or bad reading..I figured it was high...also since my legs and feet were like water balloons. As soon as the doctor came in he looked a bit grim. And said, "Well, your BP is high again today (which I hadn't had one until the last 2 visits) I think since you are 40 weeks, I would be silly not to send you on over to the hospital to have this baby." My heart about dropped! I was by myself...Jonathan at work and my mom was on her way to Cincy! Then after the doctor heard the heartbeat it was found a bit high on my belly...I asked the doctor, "that's not good is it?" He told me to head on over to Ultrasound so we could find the placement of the baby and then when we got over to the hospital Dr.Perkins (who was on call) would find out which route would be the best to take....due to the fact I was only about dilated to about 1.5. After ultrasound we found the baby was indeed HEAD DOWN!!! Thank God...but the tech said Katelynn was weighing about 8lbs. After talking to the doctor a bit more I was put in a wheel chair and the nurse that taught our birthing class wheeled me over. I had already called Jonathan and told him told him to get his truck back to the hub and get to the hospital we are going to have this baby today!!! And called my mom and said to hurry home after they picked up Brandon. I was pretty scared and felt lonely! But the nurse really tried to calm me down. After signing in and waiting on my delivery nurse I was choking back tears! Finally about an hour later Jonathan got there. I was so much better than. Dr.Perkins came in and checked me and told me he estimated about a 9lb baby...and that I had about a 20% chance of having her normal. Did I want to be induced, which was going to be more than 12 hours before they actually induced me due to the need to get me to dialate enough, or go C-section? With only a 20% chance I opted for the c-section. They told me about 4:30 we would start everything.

Well lets just say that I guess every other baby in Indianapolis decided to make their appearance that day too!!! My nurse even had to deliver one baby because the doctor couldn't get there on time. In fact in 90 min 7 babies were born! Finally about 7 pm they got to my went pretty well...but I had to freak out on them! Made me pretty upset at myself...but at least when it was all said and done I had my beautiful baby girl! But all I remember is seeing her and then everything else is just bits and pieces, due to them giving me some meds to kind of knock me out...and calm me down. I remember seeing Jonathan later at the end of my bed still in his scrubs and holding Katelynn, I couldn't focus at all and even when he handed her to me for the first time...I could hardly focus on her face...which was so frustrating to me because I wanted to see her face so badly. It wasn't till later, after getting sick 2x's due to the meds, that I got to really cuddle and hold my baby girl! Finally a family! It was so Surreal to a warm fuzzy dream that your going to wake up from and wish that you didn't have too!

Katelynn Nicole Thompson born May 29 at 7:19 p.m. weighing 7lbs 5.7oz and 20.5 in long! (Ha, ha what happened to that 9lb baby I was supposed to have???) She has LOTS of hair. She was very awake almost all of her first night...much to ours and the nurses surprise! But I got alot of time with her as did daddy!

Not to thrilled about her car seat!!!

Finally going home

We finally got home June 1 at about 11:15 PM!!!! They didn't let us go earlier due to some High BP problems with me. Also the doc is a little concerned with her weight drop down to 6lb 7oz, and then at the next day's appointment she was down to 6lbs 6 oz. And we had to start supplementing formula to get her to put some weight on. As of last Thurs she is at 7lbs 1 oz...not quite her birth weight but almost. And she is eating a lot more and we are having to supplement less. (pardon me while I do my tired mommy happy dance!!!)

Hanging out with Uncle Brandon before he leaves for the summer

First time in church....looks like Bro. Herring put her to sleep!

Not really we had a wonderful service and he didn't even preach.

Cuz Devan LOVES her....and has a hard time sharing her with all the rest of us.

My beautiful baby princess!!!

Aside from all the normal motherly things and worries and duties...having a child causes you to take in life on a whole new level. Sleeping will never be the same again....time away with my hubby won't be without a constant thought in the back of my mind of my child. And the attitude towards the importance of my spiritual life will only become more crucial each day. Yes, I get thru each day, at this point, and look back and think "what have I done besides feed, change diapers, nap and cuddle?" (all important things of my life don't get me wrong) As my daughter eats I look at her and know that I only have these moments for awhile...before long she will be "little Miss Independent" and probably the only time I will get a lengthy snuggle is when she is sleepy. I also wonder what God has for her? Will she be a preachers wife? With her LONG fingers will she play for some Bible college quartet or will she and her future husband go into song evangelism? Will she be a teacher like her Nana and her Uncle Steve? Or will she be a nurse/doctor....or maybe a Sunday school teacher like her mommy? Will she be good in school like her daddy and love numbers? (By the way Daddy is on the ball with her alphabet and says them to her almost every day!) But most of all when I look in her face I see a blessing that I askded God for several years ago. She is an answer to my prayer and I don't think God could have given me a more perfect or beautiful answer. Tears have poured down my face more times than I can count when I realize just how blessed Jonathan and I really her to have Katelynn in our lives! You think you love your husband with your whole heart and I wondered how would my love equal out between them both....but I have found you don't have to divide your's like your heart extends and you find that you can love even more!
(Ok I will quit rambling...sorry!)