Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!!

This is Jonathan's first Fathers Day, and I want him to know that Katelynn and I think he is the best new daddy around!!! He is so loveable and caring and concerned and somewhat of a pest too...but that's what daddy's do! He is a big protector and loves to have fun and cuddle his little girl!
Jonathan you will be the first man she ever falls in love with...and she will always be your little girl. I hope this fathers day is just so special for you....we love you bunches!
Daddy's girl
Going on a walk with daddy

Cuddle time

Read me a story daddy! (Don't you love how she really looks like she is listening and watching!)

Daddy got me all nice and clean!

Exploring the outside with my Dad

Enough already!!!! A girl's gotta get her beauty rest!

Daddy sneaking in kisses

A Father's arms are the best place to be!!!!

And just in case you forget Katelynn, Mommy loves you too!!!

Also I don't have an updated picture, But I would like to wish my own Daddy a very happy fathers day!!! I love you very much!!!


Regi said...

*chuckles* I like the one of Jon with the 'Cheshire' grin outside LOL

Taylanee S. Tooley said...

Congratulations On KateLynn!!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the two of you in the hospital bed. It is a perfect picture. You look wonderful for having just gone through childbirth! And your hair is so pretty down!

Katressa said...

She's so cute!! I had Olivia on fathers day! Youll hafta check out my blog!! Isnt it fun!!>???