Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall is here in my home!

I had some time off earlier this month and I took that time to decorate my home for fall!  I had a blast and picked up some new things along the way!
 This is on top of my Entertainment center...I got the 2 pumpkins in front from the Christmas tree shop..for $2 each!  This shop is in Greenwood and it's kind of an Hodge podge shop...kind of a smaller version of Flower Factory or Old Time Pottery!!  And I love it!!!!  I have to tell a secret...to give my basket in back height and my frame height...I stacked up some Adventures in Oddessy albums! And just covered them with Place mats.  SHHHH!!! Don't tell! (he, he) 
 This is on top of my piano
 And this is on top of my Fridge
Happy Fall!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodbye summer

Good-bye Summer...my little girl is growing up!  I love the preciousness of the summer glow on her skin and cheeks.  The pure delight in her bright eyes.  I am so blessed!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last several months...cooking and crafting

Better late than ever showing some pictures of Katelynn's nursrey. Here is her name on the wall above her crib. I found a font I liked on the computer, than had my dad cut out the letters.

I painted and decorated them.

If you look close I painted stitch work on the edges of each letter with the oppisite color that it is painted. When I got done...I was happy but not real happy they needed something else..so I raided my scarpbook stash and put some flowers together and hot glued them on the letters.

The ribbons I couldnt get even and tie bows that looked nice, SO---I glued a loop of ribbon to the back of the letter, used a thumb tack to tack it to the wall then made a bow out of seperate ribbon and hot glued it to the actual tack. And BOOM the look I wanted!

I love scrapbooking and wanted to incorperate it into Katelynn's room...so I bought a Scrapbook frame...and have been making different pages that I can change in and out.

Now on to the food!!!!

A pudding Fruit pie....got this one from my Brother Brandon's girlfriend...Heather. Her's was a bit tastier...but I hope to make this again next spring and do a better job. But I have to say mine was still pretty good and it looked really pretty!

Then...several weeks later I got LOTS of magazines from my Mother In Law. Lots of the Taste Of Home Magazines. One of the magazines there were lots of recepies where they MADE OVER the original and made it lower fat. I believe this one was an actual Paula Deene Cheesecake. Original calories 500 per slice!!!! Outrageous but no suprise for anyone who knows Paula Deene. (Food Network.) This one has a little over 300 calories per slice, still alot...but it was YUMMY!!!
Peanut butter cup Cheesecake!
My husband said with alot of the lowfat stuff it had a bit of a odd aftertaste...but I Loved it!!!! It was awsome!

Plain Cheescake layer

Done and ready to eat!

This was a very easy Recepie
A tube of crecent rolls. Each one cut in 2.
Snicker bar bite sizes
Roll each crecent rolls around the bite size.
Bake according to directions
drizzle on cream cheese cake frosting (or reg white frosting.)
Ewwy gooey goodness!!!

Something light after all this fattening stuff.
Simple tuna salad put inside of a hollowed out tomato and some chedder chees sprinkled on top.
Very fresh and tasty!

Got home from the grocery and my husband asked me what the "Corned Beef Hash" was for. Since my hubby goofs off all the time I assumed he was pulling my leg, since I have NEVER bought much less ate Corned beef Hash. Well.....he wasn't. I love it when people put canned goods back on the shelf where they DON'T belong. Then people like me come along and grab something without reading the label. Thus coming home with something I have no idea what to do with it.

Well, all those magazines came in handy...I ran across a "Corned Beef Casserole" So I improvised and used the corned beef HASH in place of the Corned beef. It was a tad bit salty...but I must say it was pretty good...and might find myself putting "Corned beef Hash" into my cart again.
(this basically Glorified Mac and Cheese with the Corned beef added in and Bread crumbs added on top. with a little bit of butter drizzeled on top to crisp up the bread.)

And last but not least This is something I am in the process of working on. But I want to figure out how to add links within my post. And I am waiting on some stencils that someone is making me on a Cricut. SO I can finish this for my bathroom.

I will Keep you posted!!!
ONLY 5 more days left till I am a
(Stay At Home Mom!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For any of you "overthinkers" or "reader-inners" the above title does NOT mean what you might think it does!!!!

Just letting you know I am here and I plan to soon update this blog so much more! OCT 29 is a HUGE date for me. It marks the last day I will know as a working mom! (until further notice that is.)

I have so many organization projects, craft project and cooking I want to do! I am so excited. I have been visiting all over blog-land and have a thousand ideas running around my head.

But most of all I will get to spend uninterrupted time with my darling daughter! I am just TO EXCITED to put into words how I feel about that! Daddy is a bit jealous but he is happy and blessed that he has a job stable enough to support us to be able to take this HUGE step.

Pray for us that we will be wise in all of our decisions and that we will learn how to make up for the long hours "Daddy" works. We by no means will have a "Normal family" schedule. Any family of a UPS'er knows the long hours/ and unpredictable hours of a driver. But we will find what works for us...and find that special "Daddy time". Pray especially for Jonathan he struggles not getting to spend much quality evening time with her some nights. He is thrilled that I am going to stay home..but still feels he misses out. We make up for it on the weekend to our best. Thus being a bit stingy about our family time together. But trying to find a good balance.

So many feelings and emotions come over me...as I think about "MY NEW LIFE" I am astounded that God is actually blessing me with my Hugest prayer. (outside of finding a husband and becoming a mother) I truely feel unworthy. I have been blessed with a hard working husband and one that works hard to keep us in budget. (although we have much room to grow. But God will help us there!) And God allowing him to land the job at UPS is the best thing that could have happened. There is sacrifice in this job...but Jon and I have looked at other options and feel this is where God wants us at for now. I have to be honest...that in some ways I feel selfish and feel it's unfair that I get to be the one at home. Even though I know the women's place is usually to be in the home. Although not all Mother's have the choice to get that option no matter how much they want it. And that is why I have promised to try my hardest NOT to take it forgranted!

So in a few short days...READY OR NOT HERE I GO!!!! I am ready to make so many memories!