Monday, January 16, 2012

My Little "Big Brother" wedding: Dec 17, 2011

Maddie and Katelynn opening their snowglobes.  Gifts for being their snowgirls.

Heather watching her groom make introductions at the rehearsal dinner.

Brandon introduces his groomsmen

Katelynn stops for a smile.

The "innocent" snowgirls having a blast in the ice machine at the reception site

Charity irons MANY tablecloths!!!!

BEAUTIFUL centerpieces made by the brides father

Finished tables

Brandon's college quartet practicing in "less than wedding attire"

Maddie and Katelynn make their way down the aisle for rehearsal

Brandon waits for his beautiful bride. (this big sister got a bit teary)

Heather and her father.  ( I LOVED THE TOP HAT!!!!)

Heather, Starbucks in hand, gets her hair down by the talented Sylvia

The winter wonderland.
It really felt like we went out to the woods and had a wedding!

My little angel

So happy I got this shot....the girls were peeking in as Uncle "B" and Aunt Heather saw one another for the first time on their wedding day

All the snow girls getting ready for their pictures

Brandon and Heather pose for some shots

Heather and her girls

Anxiously awaiting to walk down the aisle

"Lord let your light"

Not sure what the big smile was for????

Bridesmaids all in a row

My sweet baby girl....looking all grown up!!!

I loved every part of my brothers wedding.  It was such a winter feel...even was snowing when we got to the church to start getting ready.  It was a beautiful cold winter day.  The platform was just beautiful. And I loved that it felt like we headed out to the woods...and a Dashing father with top hat in hand gave away his BEAUTIFUL winter princess to a handsome groom.  Heather sparkled as she said her vows and had tears while Brandon sung a special song to her from a park bench surrounded by "snow"...completing the picture with a lamp post.  From start to finish it was special!!! 
The reception was delicious with yummy soups and chicken salad and other tasty treats.  A beautiful cake that was equally delicious.  It was a beautiful day that ended with lanterns lit and let go into the sky! (which if you were there, it was a bit comical on the ground...if even a bit dangerous!  LOL  But no one went home with it was all good!) 
We are so happy to have Heather in our family...she is a PERFECT match for my brother.  I wish them both the VERY best in life.  I love them both dearly!!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Katelynn's tree

Let me be the first to say I do NOT (normally) like white trees!!!  But I had wanted a tree for my little girls room so bad and with teals, pinks, lime greens a green tree was just NOT GOING TO WORK.  So we found a white tree for like $20 at Wal-mart....I was tempted to wait another year so i could get it for $10 after Christmas...but figured hey it's for my little girl, why not?   And I loved the colored lights on it for a kids room too.  Since I am normally a fan of White/clear lights.  I had picked some ornaments up the year before for 50% and 75% off so I was excited to get this tree decorated.  We let her just go to town on it!  She was so proud to do it.  Although she only wanted to decorate one side of the tree?  Not sure why...we tried to encourage her to do the other side...but nope not many bulbs got to the other side.

Here is her finished product!  See how proud she was????

Well, I was pleased but still wanted so much more to go on this after a few trips to Target (who just happened to be selling JUST THE ORNAMENTS I NEEDED !!!!!)    4 snowflakes for $1 and the big Pink tree ornament approx. $3.   I hooked the big one together with 2 of the snowflakes....loved the look for a tree topper.  And I had seen Sock monkeys at Khols...but when I went to get them...they were gone. Even had my mom look for them at hers...NOPE.  So a trip to me the other Sock Monkeys.  (For Half the price I am sure!)   Then with some extra teal ribbon (from my mom/Nana) I felt really bad to re-do her tree...but had fun making it look so Childish! 


(Even had to get wrapping paper to match the theme!)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A random winter picture blog post

Meeting Frosty the snowman!  She loved hitting the button to put him up at night!

Enjoying "Jolly Days" at the children's museum...even Mommy, Daddy and Grandma Thompson enjoyed the slide with Katelynn

Stopped for a picture with Mrs. Santa 
(to most this picture is no big deal...but for my Katelynn it is...she even stood by Santa this year smile but she stood by him and talked to him.  She has been SO SCARED of people in costumes and masks and even animals...but loves them from afar.  But is getting so brave now.  She tells me, "I not going to be scared, they're so nice (or so cute if it is an animal)"  But I can tell she still is unsure at steps!)

Having fun pretending!

A Christmas gift for Katelynn's Sunday School teacher.  Saw this idea in a Family Fun magazine and knew right away who I wanted to use it for!  Sis. Shelia loved it. (Will post that picture later)  Katelynn had a blast breaking all the crayons and tearing the paper off.  (So much so that whenever the crayons are out now she continues to do it till I catch her)   It was an easy craft and very inexpensive!  (and yes, you take the glass out of the frame)

Helping Mommy with Christmas goodies.  Making White Christmas Chocolate mix. 

A Christmas project...a gingerbread house.  A first for mommy and Katelynn.  She had alot of fun...I think she had more fun eating the candy than putting it on the house.

A trip to the Children's museum with Nana and Mommy!  Our passes have come in so handy, Katelynn has loved going and playing over and over!

My beautiful blessing!  I can't explain how much JOY she has brought to my life!

Katelynn and her friend Dumus (who goes to our church and also works one day a week at the Children's Museum!) Katelynn was pretty excited to see someone she knew at the museum.

Enjoying a quiet moment at the museum, while Nana reads her a book

Her letter and coloring picture for Santa...she was excited to put it in the mailbox

The 1st of 2 Christmas weddings  Jonathan Glick married his sweetheart known him since his mom was expecting him....also known his wife since she was a toddler.  They had a beautiful spirit-filled wedding!

Katelynn was so excited about Christmas this year

My pretty grown-up Santa girl!

This Christmas was so much fun...will be posting more pictures this week and be saying alot more than.  For now hope you enjoy the pictures while I get caught up on everything!