Saturday, May 26, 2007


Staff Sargent Raymond E. Colllingsworth
Fought in the Korean War 1948-1949.
I believe he was a radio operator, apart of the 7001 Army service unit.

He also worked at the Pentegon Building in appox 1951.
He was awarded the "silver star" for bravery and also a
"Purple Heart."

Grandpa was very quiet about his time in the service so very little is known
about his time he served OUR COUNTRY. But I am very proud to have a
Grandfather that proudly fought for our country!!! He was a proud American.
He is greatly missed, but I wanted to give Him honor this Memorial Day, by saying
"Thank you Papaw, for giving your time to help keep me and America Free!!! I LOVE YOU!"
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our baby goose

Our baby goose is getting big. He is not as cute as what he was when he was little. And soon he will look awful, when he looses all of his "baby fuz". This is our 2nd spring to watch a baby goose grow. Pretty awsome watching a baby animal grow. Since I don't have Children yet, I enjoy watching this little "baby goose" grow. Mommy and Daddy are really get near and "H-i-sssssss"!!! I keep my distance needless to say.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I found this picture, going thru some old ones. I really like both of our smile in it. Just wanted
to say how happy I am with my life with my husband. He is truly my "solid rock"!!! He keeps me steady when I have moments
of being unstable. He believes in me and supports me.
I love you honey!!!
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Well, its mothers day! And I want to send out a happy mothers day to two very important women in my life.
MAMA-I love you very much. You have been a wonderful mother to me. You have so many fine qualitys that I love. I have so many memories of you doing things with us kids, like cooking and coloring....I remember you even taking the time to comb my "barbies" hair with me. You were a very hard worker at school...and I am glad because of that hard work I was able to get a good Christian education. You taught me alot of things, especially about cooking. I know I was underfoot alot but you were always patient and let me make that batch of cookies or brownies. I love you and am glad God gave you to me.

Mom Thompson- You have played a major role in my life the last 6 years (including our dating) I want to thank you for taking me in just like a daughter. You have shown such a love to me. Also thank you for raising such a wonderful son. With your training and teaching, you taught him how to be a wonderful husband to me. I love you Mom.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Cinco-de-Mayo!!!

Our backyard is fairly small due to the pond that is in the middle of our addition. Our house is one of the ones that sits around the pond. Last spring we had the "joy" of watching a goose family. This year we found that a family came back to our pond and sure enough they had a little duckling before long. We enjoyed feeding him bread even though "mommy and daddy" hissed at us at times, but I think they enjoyed the "snacks" too. I will try to keep updated pics on "our baby goose"

This Saturday we had alot of fun. We decided to pick up Jonathan and Caroline Robbins and the guys went shopping/pricing for PA equipment for our church. We girls went shopping!!! Then after that we dropped them back off at home for them to clean the church and mow. When they were done they headed back to our house. We grilled out. Then headed downtown to the Canal. It was a beautiful evening and we had a blast with our friends. We saw several "Prom couples" and we were able to take in part of a wedding ceremony. Me being "Picture happy" had to take pictures, but my battery was low so I didn't take so many. We had alot l fun talking, they ended up staying till almost midnight.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This weather has been totaly awsome! I enjoyed walking downtown doing my court runs, even though it was a bit warm. I can't complain. This evening I headed to Castleton mall and had my monthly or bi-monthly "girls night" out. I met up with Leah Randall, Tanessa and Emma Randall, and Jennifer Glick. Also joining us this week was Natalie Herring and her sister Adrian with her little baby girl. (I can't remember her name) We had a good time talking and just hanging out. We did have to cut the evening short, because we were concerned for Tanessa who is expecting her next baby then end of June. She was in a little pain and none of us really needed anything in the mall. (Imagine: Girls shopping and not needing anything.) I had fun entertaining little Emma who is becoming quite needy right now. I think Tanessa and Ben are in for "the jealous BIG SISTER" syndrome.
Well, I am tired and need to fold more laundry before I go to bed. So "GOOD NIGHT ALL!"