Saturday, May 26, 2007


Staff Sargent Raymond E. Colllingsworth
Fought in the Korean War 1948-1949.
I believe he was a radio operator, apart of the 7001 Army service unit.

He also worked at the Pentegon Building in appox 1951.
He was awarded the "silver star" for bravery and also a
"Purple Heart."

Grandpa was very quiet about his time in the service so very little is known
about his time he served OUR COUNTRY. But I am very proud to have a
Grandfather that proudly fought for our country!!! He was a proud American.
He is greatly missed, but I wanted to give Him honor this Memorial Day, by saying
"Thank you Papaw, for giving your time to help keep me and America Free!!! I LOVE YOU!"
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Martha C said...

Glad you posted an earlier picture of him. I only knew him during the last few years of his life. The years when he and I loved "picking" on each other and discussing politics.

Regi said...

Good picture and blog!

Mom said...

What a nice tribute to your grandpa, Sweetie. He rarely talked about being a soldier except near the end of his life. He never saw himself as a hero, only as doing what needed to be done to survive. Thank you for honoring him.

Anonymous said...

Good and appropriate blog, cuz! I only know him for a little bit but what a man he was!

Sharlyn said...

Hey, Girl! I love reading your blog. I enjoy the pix, too!

ntertainingfriendsourdelite said...

hey Janella,
Just reading your blog, and read what you said about your grandpa c, that was really neat. He & grandma were like an aunt & uncle to me, living so close to them for so many years and my mom being 'aunt Billies" best friend , I really miss them, but I have one more reason to make it to heaven.