Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This weather has been totaly awsome! I enjoyed walking downtown doing my court runs, even though it was a bit warm. I can't complain. This evening I headed to Castleton mall and had my monthly or bi-monthly "girls night" out. I met up with Leah Randall, Tanessa and Emma Randall, and Jennifer Glick. Also joining us this week was Natalie Herring and her sister Adrian with her little baby girl. (I can't remember her name) We had a good time talking and just hanging out. We did have to cut the evening short, because we were concerned for Tanessa who is expecting her next baby then end of June. She was in a little pain and none of us really needed anything in the mall. (Imagine: Girls shopping and not needing anything.) I had fun entertaining little Emma who is becoming quite needy right now. I think Tanessa and Ben are in for "the jealous BIG SISTER" syndrome.
Well, I am tired and need to fold more laundry before I go to bed. So "GOOD NIGHT ALL!"


Brenda said...

Sounds like you had fun at the mall! I haven't seen Natalie and Adrian for a while.