Sunday, April 22, 2007

Catching up!!!

I have done horrible the last 2 weeks so I am going to put togather some pictures of what's been going on in Jonathan and I's life.

Chuckie Cheese the Satruday before Easter!!!!

Who is this "Hillbilly?"
(He bought the teeth with his tickets!)

Devan had alot of fun, and so did "the boys"!!!


OUTFITS!!!!! Doesn't

Devan look so cute?!

Scrapbook Heaven!

Regi and Jay came down last weekend (April 14-15). Regi and I scrapbooked all afternoon. We had fun sharing ideas and paper and embellishments. Along with alot of talking. Jon camped out in the recliner snuggled underneath his "Colts" blanket. When Jay returned, from helping his parents, we headed out to Don Pablos where "the Hungry Scrapbookers" put away the chips and salsa!! YUMMY!!!IHC week came and we were going to have passangers: Krista and Lacy Crabtree, plus stuff for "Outlook Makeover's" booth. Jonathan decided to rent a car or truck or whatever the thing was. It is a "Jeep Commander", it kind of grew on us both. When we went and picked up Lacy...we met her in front of Cato's. So of course Krista and I had to go shopping. I got a cute blouse and 2 bags of bath and body stuff all for approx $11!! Krista got 2 pair of shoes and an apple sign for her kitchen. IHC was fun....but to short we had to leave Wednesday night. But we really had fun!!!!

In closing I was having fun taking pics of myself. Jonathan says I am "obsessed with myself" when I start doing that. I don't think so I was just having fun. :) Also thanks to my cousine Regi I really SPLURGED!!!!! I made a big thing of PB popcorn!! Oh my, good thing I am not making it for awhile. YUMMY!!! I wish it was CALORIE FREE!!!!


Brenda said...

Cool vehicle! That looks like fun! I absolutely love Cato's - what a great store!

Regi said...

You are making me hungry!