Monday, June 29, 2009

One month has just flown by!

One month ago *yesterday*

My little girl now

27 days old
Ok mom, I am over this picture taking!!!!
All better now!!!

3 Generations~ I love my Papaw and Nana This Sunday....looking all pretty in my Sunday bonnet! (Thanks Aunt Rena)

Wearing Big Girl Shoes!


Danessa Riggs said...

Katelynn is beautiful. Isn't it amazing how much they change in one month?

Mindy said...

Cute, Cute!!! It was great to get to see you all at camp!

Dani said...

Cant wait to meet her on Saturday!

LJL said...

You guys are still welcome to come Saturday. Since the baby is definitely coming, you might as well show up, too.