Monday, September 17, 2007

My heart longs for revival.

This is our church Central Weleyan Church. Jonathan and I love going to church here. It is not the biggest or the most talanted church. But the people are so loving and have a desire for God prescence and a heart for revival. God has been blessing us. Just recently God has helped a man and women who are seeking to do Gods will, to start bringing in children. With that...we have gone from 2 to 3 in Jr. church to 13!!!!! I am so excited. Caroline Robbins and I have had our hands full with kids but are enjoying every minute of it. Bro. Herring and Jonathan Robbins messages have been stirring. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS HELP!!!! I hope as Christians we are all praying for revival. I have only seen a foretaste of it in my lifetime and my hearts desire is that I see true God sent revival in my lifetime. Oh that I may draw closer to Him and have my heart truly set aflame!!!!

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Judith Atnip said...

Hello. You don't know me, but I came across your blogspot somehow, and know people you know.
I noticed that your Pastor is Darrell Herring, which is a family friend of ours. I don't know what church he is pastoring now. Where is your church?
Judith Atnip

Janella Thompson said...

We are located about 10 min. outside of downtown Indianapolis. It is in an area called "Fountain Square." I will mention that you wrote me.

Jackie said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. I could tell several years ago at youth group in N-ville Pilgrim that you had a heart for God. Stay close to him.
Jackie Thompson

Judith Atnip said...

Okay. Thanks for the reply. Darrell's family has been a part of my life, all of my life. His Dad and Mom and all his sister, and his extended family as well. Rick, his brother was my school teacher too! Good people.

Mom said...

My dear Janella,
My heart rings with yours - for a renewing of God's Spirit on us all but especially on our family. Dad and I are proud of your and Jonathan's faithfulness to your church and God's work. (Now who trained you to do that?!!! smile)

Jenny said...

I agree! I would love to see a revival spread across like everyone says about "The Old Days!"

Jody J said...

Great post. My sentiments exactly.

I'm tagging you. Go to my blog to get details.

Jenny said...

Rats, Jody already got you...I'm too slow. "TAG" you're it! Check out my blog to find out what you are supposed to do now.