Friday, August 10, 2007

Chicago trip to Shed Aquarium

We headed out early for Chicago....for the Shedd Aquarium. Jonathan and Caroline Robbins and Zach and Jill (Gaskins) Hansel joined us. We really had a good time. Caroline told us alot about growing up in Chicago on our road trip. We got the Aquarium just in time to see the first feeding. There was a question and answer session with the diver but lets just say we heard more of her breathing and all the bubbles then we did of her talking. Lots of cool fish and some really ugly fish and creatures were seen. One fish I read about it would be one male among several female fish. If the male in that "school" would die...the oldest female fish would take on the males bright colors and would have a literal sex change to keep being able to have more baby fish. So it would literally grow the sexual organs to be able to fertalize the eggs. I was astonished that this could happen. I couldn't help but think how creative God must have been when he created all these different fish. And these are just the creatures under the water. It is amazing to me.

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This long fish is a "lung fish" his name is Granddad. He came to the aquarium when it first opened in 1933!!! These fish can live under the dirt and mud for up to 7 years with out the need for living in water. Awsome huh???

this guy is really ugly and don't you just love the big lips. I got a good laugh at his expense


Brenda said...

Cool! Looks like you all had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

If the male died what did the female fish grow?

Anonymous said...

Janella, you are looking awesome!
D :)

Aytha said...

Nelly, you look great! Are you going to go to school to become a nurse? Do it while you can girlie, especially if you wanna have kids!!! Love ya

Janella Thompson said...

thank you anonymous. (please state who you are? :) ) Also take an anotomey class you and might figure out the answer to your question.
Aytha- yes I plan on starting school soon as I can. $$ has been a little be of an obstical but it will work out.

Dani said...

Janella, I was the 2nd anonymous saying you are looking awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!!Long time no see! I was going thru peoples blogs and ran across yours!!I was shocked to see Jill used to be Gaskins!!!I was wondering how i can get ahold of her.Nice to see you and ill be checking up on ya!!