Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chicago Trip #2

Well this weekend we found ourselves once again on the road to Chicago with Jonathan and Caroline Robbins. It was Caroline's birthday...and she wanted to go to Medevil Times Dinner Theater and she wanted to go to the dunes ahead of time. I had never been to the dunes and I so enjoyed myself. The weather was actually quite cool, but the water was fairly warm. I just enjoyed the the breeze off the water. We also took lots of pics. Jonathan had not intended on getting wet but we had already got a little wet so we waded out to about his knees and then he saw a huge wave coming in so he turned around and took off running only to hit a dip in the sand and fell down on all fours into the water. Caroline and I laughed so hard. Let's just say the fun didn't stop there. I will not post the pictures of my seriously deranged husband in his "New getup", due to the fact I live in the same house as him and if I would post them he may never let me see the light of day again. (Just kidding) Jonathan and I really needed this trip. Even thought the weekend was shared with friends we had a wonderful romantic time. We plan to come back in October and enjoy more of the dune trails. (and to take more pictures) We only climbed one dune and it was one of the shorter trails. And by the time we got to the dunes I had already taken lots of pics down by the water and decided not to take my camera to the top of the dune. I could have kicked myself. Oh well, hindesight is 20/20 right? After we left there we headed to Medevil Times. And aside from one frantic "CHCOLATE BREAK" for the Prego Mama, in the bad part of Chicago where all of them left me in the car BY MYSELF at a gas station.....we got to Medevil Times just fine. The food was great and the show was ok. Here are the pictures of our wonderful time.

I love this picture of Caroline she is now just over 4 months. The baby is healthy and active and moves around alot. She goes in about a week to find out what she is having.

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Leah said...

Looks like you all had a great time!! I've been to Chicago once and that was enough for me!

Regi said...

Kewl! Love the pics.