Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh how I love to go to Sunday School and Old Fashion Day memories

Ok, so this didn't quite make it to Thursday post...but oh well.  Just thought I would include a picture of Kagelynn's WONDERFUL Sunday School Teacher, Shelia Gaskins.  She has taught Katelynn so much and Katelynn ADORES her.  She has called her "She-She" and "Sha-Sha"  and now can call her by her name more clearly.  Shelia told me one Sunday she was telling the story to the kids who were sitting on the little pew that is in her room and must have been really into the story when all the sudden Katelynn popped off the pew and started walking around saying, "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!"   Shelia said she about died laughing but told Katelynn, "That's right you can praise the Lord!"   Guess she has paid attention more in service than what I thought she had.  SO GLAD TO BE BRINGING HER UP IN CHURCH!!!

I am really excited about this weekend it is our Alumni Weekend at Union Bible College also know as OLD FASHION DAY.  I have been around UBC for roughly 28 + years, and not quiet sure when the FIRST OLD FASHION DAY came about...but I have always LOVED going!!!!  Cool Crisp mornings, biscuits and gravy, yummy hamburgers, Taco Salad, all the pop you could EVER drink, Pies, crafts, Used to be the Old Jail and Stocks, getting your picture put on a button, NORA NEESES Peanut Butter Fudge. Now you can find some of the old favorites along with the new additions of a Paint ball booth, a dunk tank, and horse and buggy rides, a bounce house, a petting zoo and some kind of  Oriental food *or some kind of food along that line at the Missions Organization booth*, Sis.Arrnett's candy shopee with delicious homemade goodies....and then a BIG car Auction and Misc. Auction run by Bro.Mark Mowery....and to cap your day off the newly introduced HOME COOKED SUPPER and the ANNUAL HAY RIDE!!!  I realize it's not for everyone (like my lovely Hubby could care less to go..But I still love him and he still goes, but we opt out of the hayride....but maybe when our kids get bigger we can beg him to stay and the crash at grandma and grandpa's)  What are some of your memories of OLD FASHION DAY?  (Student, alumni or just visitor please leave me a comment!!!)

I wish I had some old pictures scanned into my computer but don't have the time to do so.  SO thought I would include the pictures from the last 2 years.  Can't believe how much she has grown!!!


Jen Alexander said...

I love Old Fashion Day too, Janella! It's always so fun and festive...unless it pours down rain. :) Looking forward to going this year...and seeing you too, of course!