Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Musical Laugh and "THE STREAK!"

Just in case you couldn't tell what songs she was singing
1. Devil is a Sly Old Fox
2. Zacchaeus

Love finding good deals at 2nd hand shops.  Found this at a kids store (something like "Once Upon A Child") for $4.  It has Barney on it and she LOVES it.  Asks to wear it anytime we say something about a coat.

Something about my daughter and clothes, or the lack thereof.  We were outside playing and told Katelynn to go inside to go potty.  Which she does pretty well by herself.  (But the potty training is going AWFUL! Anyhow....)  I was messing with the radio in the garage and after a couple minutes saw her run by me. No big deal.  After a couple more minutes I called her name because she was quiet and I assumed she was playing on her slide, but couldn't see her. I turned to look for her to come and THERE SHE STOOD IN ONLY HER SHIRT.....IN OUR DRIVEWAY!!! 
I about died!!!   I also wanted to laugh...but this is something we are trying to work on discipline wise.  SO after a quick smack on the bum I ran her inside only to find out her Pull up and skirt where OUTSIDE on the slide.  (I guess I should be happy she at least brought her clothes with her!)  I did have my laugh as i went back outside to get her clothes.  


Leah said...

Sounds like she is going to keep you moving and praying for wisdom! She is so cute and funny, Janella. You are blessed!

Mom said...

Looooved her singing!! I must say she's far more adventurous than her Momma ever was :) Must take that from her Daddy!!!

Constance said...

so adorable!