Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't just go to church!

Worship wednesday. Just a couple hours away from going to church. I really love mid-week prayer service. Sometimes I am really exhausted and it takes me awhile to get into the mode of worship. Which I really hate when that happens. But I try to come prepared to worship. My parents are a lot to thank for helping us kids prepare for worship. Many times on the way to church I can remember one of my parents praying out loud for the .service or playing worship music. I will say it was more on Sunday's then it was Wednesday's. Wednesday's were rushed to get ready, rushed to eat, get homework done or at least started and done also on the ride to church...typical family madness....but not every prayer meeting night was like that.

Guess what I am trying to get at is we are going to church to worship God. To give praise to our living King. As hard as it is (believe me I am guilty too) try to focus on your drive to church...leave your stress and your to-do list in the car. And just for a couple hours WORSHIP!!!!! Your pastor will love you for it and people who have also come to worship and get a break from this hectic world will appreciate it as well. As a result all can be ushered into the presence of God for a few short moments. Don't just go to church, be an active part!