Monday, September 19, 2011

A blessed week (Mommy memory day)

Being a mommy you never know what kind of things are going to fill your week.  Happy things that make you smile, things that make you have to turn your head to HIDE your laughter from your children, or days that you can NOT WAIT till nap time and its only 9:00 a.m.  Crazy exciting times that you run to your journal to jot it down, or to the computer to post it on Face Book.  As crazy as some memories are they will get lost in the "Black hole" called time.  But they brought us joy or sorrow, a smile or a tear at the time.  Isn't parenting and just life in general GREAT????

Probably our biggest accompishment this week was getting our Garage organized!  I am so proud of how it looks.  We still plan to buy one more shelf  and also put a shelf to hold my husbands uniforms, because the closet they are in right now will be the new babies closet.  Now we just have to keep this garage looking this way.  But I am having fun organizing way early in this pregnancy.

UPDATE on my pregnancy:   I am only about 6 weeks along.  FIrst appointment just to see the nurse is Oct 4th.  I am pretty tired, and very queasy in the mornings and then again in the early evening.  I haven't lost weight like I would have liked to seen but I haven't really gained yet (VERY EARLY TO SEE ANY REAL CHANGE THERE ANYHOW.)   I feel like my queasiness is far more fierce this time round then what I was with Katelynn.  Mints and hard candies are my friend in the morning as well as crackers and Sierra Mist.  Also been dealing with alot of diziness...but I find if I eat something it takes care of that.  I also feel I am WAY more emotional with this one than with last.  I bounce from one emotion to the next.  WOw, is Jonathan in for a ride he still has 7 months to go!!!  LOL

Probably my Favorite thing that happened last week was Friday (Sept 16) I was having my devotions in my room and Katelynn came in and crawled up on the bed and asked what I was doing. I told her I was having my devotions and reading and talking to Jesus.  She mentioned something about Jesus and her heart.  *which we have told that Jesus lives in heaven and can also live in her heart*  I told her one day she could ask Jesus in her heart when she wanted to.  SHe said "Yeah, yeah"  I asked her, "Katelynn, do you want Jesus to live in your heart?"  "Yeah, in my heart" came an excited answer.  By this time I had tears in my eyes and told her "Ok lets pray right now and you can ask Jesus to come in your heart."  I called for my husband who was home for the day...and Katelynn leaned over ( remember she is sitting on the bed still) and put her head in the blankets and repeated a simple sinners prayer.  MOmmy came up with way more tears!!!   And Katelynn had a big smile and said, "Jesus HEART!!!" (shaking her head up and down really fast)  I know this really important  moment was encouraged by Mommy alot...but I also know that she can understand at an early age that Jesus  can live in her heart!!!!

Our Sunday School Picnic was the big event for the weekend!  It was a crisp morning but got warmer thru the day and was just beautiful!

Katelynn and her matching BFF Lizzie Dennis

Katelynn had a ball on the swings and playground

How many men does it take to grill???

My lovely husband at one of his finer moments!

Tom, not so sure this fits you! 

Preparing for our annual auction and passing out Central Wesleyan money

Jonathan and Tom our auctioneers

Our church treasurer with real money and FAKE!!!

I will give you  $20!!!!


Enjoying some of her loot from the auction!

Tom, not sure your garndson's helment was ment for your head!

All for the sake of Jr. Church!!!   (Can't believe I am posting this!) SHowing them how to get a cookie form their forehead to their mouth with out touching it.  LOT harder than I big as my mouth was I never did get it.  (But only tried one time too!)


TRYING VERY HARD!!!  Way to go Chyanne!

SO close Harper!

Awesome job Cameron!  We have a winner.
*actually 2 winners but I didn't see who got it first, and wasn't so sure I could trust who said they were first*

Wrapping their Mummys up!!!

Another DEAR person in Katelynn's life who LOVES her Dearly! 
A grandma when the other grandma's are not around!
We love you Grandma Becky!!!

Kids had a blast playing Kick ball!  I gotta say I loved it too!!!  Wished I could have gotten up there and kicked.  Some of the things I miss from childhood!!!!

Mommy and her "almost" angel

Singing to her Pass-sirs  (aka: Pastor)

"He looked up in the tree"

"Zaccheous you come down from there"

Jr. churh has been a bit challanging with Katelynn lately. She started attending about a month ago on a regular basis...but my helper Judy Alcorn was in charge of the services then and I just lead the singing and I could control her a little bit. SHe is learning to sit in her seat...very hard task for a 2 year old. Well for the last 2 weeks it has been my turn for Jr. Chruch and last week I had to send her back up stairs to sit....she just couldn't get it in her head that she couldn't be up by mommy the whole time and started throwing a fit about it. BUT this last sunday I was SOOOO happy to see her sitting in her seat (She did keep bugging the girl next to her, but when Judy moved her to her lap she did EXCELLENT!!!) I was happy because I was talking about the WORDLESS BOOK and was telling the story of Jesus dying on the cross, even had purchased a large sharp nail for the kids to touch and feel, and after the story I had a child ask some questions of how she could get to heaven? I told her by praying and asking Jesus into her heart. As I lead the kids in a group sinners prayer I heard 2 praying out loud and asked Jesus into their hearts!!! I was so excited and blessed. GOD is at work and I pray those 2 children found something Sunday morning that will stick with them through their lives!

Wow, what a week....3 new ones entered into the kingdom of GOD, a yummy picnic and a clean garage!!!  Not sure this week can top that one!