Sunday, August 02, 2009

Katelynn at 2 months

This week was a very hard week...I went back to work and it was pretty hard for mommy. Caroline has been a great baby sitter and my mom had her last Friday and will for the next 6 fridays or so.
This weekend Jon and I got up and went to several garage sales and then we went to the park
She was a very happy girl!
Getting my beauty rest while mom and dad get some deal! (For ME!!!)
At 2 months old, sitting in my Bumbo like a big girl!

All pretty in yellow
On my 2 month "b-day"

Such a happy baby girl!

Me and Ducky enjoying my bath time!

My beautiful princess....this dress Mommy wore her first time to church
And it fits me great!

Enjoying tummy time! And holding my head up pretty well!

Just showing my personality!


Jenna Dewhurst said...

SO wonderful! I love those Bumbo's! I work at a daycare and let me tell you they're a God send!!!! You have a beautiful daughter...even though she looks so much like Jonathan! ;)

Jenny said...

That last pic cracks me up! Q-T!

Mom said...

The pics are adorable, Janella. I miss her sooo much.

Leah said...

Love the updates! I'm sure this week was hard on you... hang in there :) Keep those pictures coming!

Katressa said...

i go back to work tomorrow :-(