Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Fathers day.

Daddy's little girl, is how I have always been. I get my dad's funny sense of humor and his socialness with people without a doubt!!! I remember so many memories of going out on "Little Dates" with dad. I remember one....He took me ice skating, I was really nervous, because I had never been but once I got on the ice I gained confidence. (although you would never know it now with how my ankles shake. But after 2 ankle injuries that will happen to you.) Dad on the other hand took a few steps and BOOM was down on his rear. (Looking back now, I wonder how long he Felt that fall) Also daddy's snickerdoodles and how we were always excited to have hamburgers when mom was gone. Daddy, I love you very much thank you for doing your best to raise me in the way of "God and Holiness" You will always be my hero. And it is true, "the first man a little girl ever falls in love with is her Father!!!" All my love to you on this Fathers day!

Pops- you have been the best father in law a girl could ask for!!! You were a good father to Jonathan too from all that he has told me. Thanks for just taking me in as a daughter and for being so caring and loveing to me. You will never know how much I appreciate your love. Thanks for being there. LUV YOU!!!! The best fathers day to you. I hope to make lots more memories with you and your family.

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Regi said...

oh brother. Colts?!