Sunday, June 01, 2008

A fun weekend

Headed to Sherilyn and Andy's wedding in Kuntuckey. I rode with Robbins, because Jonathan had to work. We stopped at Burger King and there I found "MY LITTLE KING" I think he liked the hat or at least didn't mind it.

Their wedding was beautiful, yet simple. Andy and Sherilyn sang togather a few times and they sounded beautiful! Sherilyn looked like Cinderella...she was quite a beautiful bride!
The Happy couple!
I spent the night at Regi and Jay's house. We had alot of fun. Mom and Dad came over and mom was looking at Regi's quilts before we headed out to eat. Here she is with "HER" quilt, but she didn't know it was hers yet. She was just asking "This isn't mine to keep?"
Now she knows that it is!! She was so happy to be an owner of Regi's "Playing out loud" quilt!

Inspecting Reg's Handiwork! She is an awsome quilter.

Owner and Maker of "Playing Out Loud"

We headed down to the river and ate at Don Pablos..after several pictures. I was quite lonely without Jonathan. (Sorry you didn't come Sweetheart!!! I love you.)

Regi pretending that she is shorter then me. Fat chance...I will always be 'Shorty' compared to her.

Congrads Brooklyn Class of 2008!!!!!

Aunt Kim...finding her quilt.

She was quite excited!

Mom and Aunt Kim with their new quilts. Regi said it took her about 4 1/2 months to complete the quilts.

Way to go Brooklyn...Hope all your dreams and wishes and prayers come true. You deserve the very best.


Constance said...

I liked the pics. Those quilts are beautiful! It was good to see you at the wedding.

Regi said...

I liked looking at the pics. It's funny how we got a lot of the same shots at different angles

Janette said...

Those are really cool quilts!
Thanks for sharing the pics of Andy's wedding.