Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One of my Favorite weekends spent with my favorite people

This weekend we had Jenn and Phil over. We had supper: Meatball subs, chips, veggies and dip, cheese ball and hot fudge brownies for dessert. We had so much fun. We girls and found out the guys too...talked about their wedding. I got to try on my dress. Very pretty...a tad big, but after altering it will work. The boys were laughing their heads off on YOUTUBE and then got us in to it. Then they decided to make some prank phone calls...Jenn and I felt like we were back in grade school, but it was really funny. Guess we all have our times of "rolling back to our childhood". We didn't get to bed till about 2:30.
Saturday we got up and we went to Flower Factory...actually we girls did, looking for wedding stuff and I got some scrapbook things and a new item for my bedroom. The guys set out in the car after a quick trip to McD's for a drink. Then we all went to the mall. We had so much fun. We ate lunch and sat and talked forever. After we hurried back home, we both had cook outs to go to we parted ways. I was so glad to spend time with one of my bestest and LONGEST friend...and to just catch up. And also to get closer to Phil...who I think brings out the best in Jenn!!!! I am so excited that they are getting married.

the happy couple
Friends forever
After 5 years we still do the "KISSY FACE" thing!!!!
Happy fathers day, daddy!!!! I love you and am so blessed to have you as a father!!!!
Dad's mom and dad came down for a cook out. Brandon was not able to be there due to working in Kansas. But we all had a blast playing CORN HOLE. Tasha and I took on everyone else. We won 4 out of 5 games. (acutally Tasha won...I just helped. She is an expert at this game.)


Well, here is Tasha at a little over 5 months!!!! And (drum roll please!!!) ITS A GIRL!!!! Madelynn Faith will come into this world around Oct 10!
Mom and Dad's 31 anniversary is Today!!!! June 18. They are at Pilgrim Youth Camp but hopefully they will have a good time!!! "Here's to many more years mama and Daddy"
This was there card...the pic is of them on their 1st anniversary.

We had Mom and Dad Thompson over on Sunday for a Fathers day cook out. I didn't get a good picture of Jon and his dad. (SORRY DAD THOMPSON!!!!) But I did want to say, Jerry thanks for being there for Jonathan and I . You have been a huge help so many times. We love you!
Steve, Happy fathers day to you too!!!! May GOd Bless you as you began a new stage in your life! You will be in our prayers ALWAYS. We love you!!! And Devan too!!!!

This is a rare moment in my nephews life. He is usually on the go...ALL THE TIME!!!! But he does settle down for a nap once in awhile!!! (he looks so precious! No really he is a good kid..JUST ALL BOY!!!! LOVE you DEVAN, Uncle Jon and Aunt NELLA)


LJL said...

Neat pix. Hope we can play some cornhole on the Fourth.